Crystal Clear
General information
Season 2
City Secrets of Yahatu
District Hardville Town
Case # 2
Initial release date 4.8.2020
Partner(s) Elena Yellowstone
Case chronology
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Hold on the Line The Writing on the Wall

Crystal Clear is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the second case of Secrets of Yahatu and the thirty-second case overall. It's also the second case to take place in Hardville Town.


After Rosa Chapman told the team that Serpent's Dagger is located in the crystal cave near the city entrance, chief Clint Russo ordered Elena Yellowstone to go and see if they could find it. When they arrived, Elena helped the player climb up with her grappling axe before finally entering the cave. As they were walking through the cave, they found a body of young historian Audrey Santana, who was stabbed through the head with a crystal shard. Not knowing what to do, Elena decided that they should send her body to their medic Caroline Cummings in case Audrey's murder has something to do with Serpent's Dagger. After investigating the cave entrance, our duo found enough clues to suspect victim's girlfriend Johanna Frazier, banker Cody Clayton and spiritual healer Rainee Day before returning back to others. When they got back, Autumn told them that the police closed down the cave.

Elena and player, along with Autumn, then returned back to the cave where Autumn managed to convince the police that they are private investigators and that they have a murder investigation going on. Police officers then reluctantly let Elena and player back to the cave. After investigating the cave once again, the team found enough evidence to suspect miner Elias Sullivan and occult expert Lester Christensen. Later on, the team investigated victim's forest cabin and discovered that she rejected Johanna's marriage proposal. They also found out that Audrey issued a restraining order against Cody after he called her out for owing him money. When Elena and player returned back to the cave, Parker told them that someone set victim's car on fire.

Elena and player then contacted the firefighters, who immediately extinguished the car, leaving space for them to search. After searching through victim's car, the duo discovered that Rainee wanted to ban Audrey from the crystal cave and that Elias almost accidentally killed Audrey by crushing her with a giant crystal, making Audrey threaten him with lawsuit. Later on, after investigating victim's forest cabin, the pair discovered that Lester stalked Audrey, thinking that she could be a woodland nymph. After collecting all of the remaining evidence, the team arrested Johanna for Audrey's murder.

When confronted, Johanna snapped and said that Audrey was a bully. Johanna explained that she started going to Rainee's crystal healing therapies, believing that it could improve her and Audrey's relationship. However, after few months, Johanna became obsessed with crystal healings and started buying crystals from Rainee. Realizing that Johanna went too far, Audrey told her to stop wasting her money on useless crystals. Johanan refused to listen and even began taking Audrey's money for the therapies, pissing off Audrey even more. After discovering that, Audrey told Johanna that, if she doesn't stop spending her money on crystal therapies, she'll kick her out of the house. Realizing that Audrey is too stubborn to understand her, Johanna lured her to the crystal cave and lodged a crystal shard in her skull, killing her. Surprised with such a ridiculous motive, Elena and player reported Johanna to the police before returning back to others.

After returning to others, Clint told Elena and player to speak with Rainee Day and see if she knows anything about Serpent's Dagger. The duo then met up with Rainee, who said that she never saw anything like that in the cave, but did overheard Audrey mentioning it. Thinking that Audrey could have some useful info at her house, Elena and player went there and searched through Audrey's suitcase, eventually finding her tablet. The team then sent it to Autumn, who told them that Audrey indeed knew about the dagger and even knew how to find it. Autumn proceeded to explain that, to open the secret door in the cave, they need three specific crystals. The team then returned to Rainee and showed her a photo of needed crystals. To their surprise, Rainee told them that she has those crystals in one of her bags. The duo then helped Rainee find the crystals before finally finding the secret stone door behind a giant pink crystal. Taking a deep breath, Elena placed three crystals in their holes, making the stone door open. The duo then walked into the secret room, only to see a huge stone table. After carefully inspecting it, Elena noticed a hole shaped like a dagger in it, confirming their theories that someone indeed stole the dagger, angered the Goddess and started the hurricane.

Meanwhile, Parker Colton invited the player and Logan Neal for a walk around the cave. As they were walking through crystal hallways, Parker questioned Logan about his date with librarian Jay Riorta, but nervous Logan denied having any feelings for him. Parker continued to tease him before accidentally stepping on a blue crystal, causing the cave to shake before a cage fell right on Parker, trapping him. Right then, the team got approached by Lester, who apologized for trapping their friend, saying that he wanted to catch a fairy, making Logan roll his eyes. When Lester told them that they could cut the wooden cage and free Parker, Logan and player searched Audrey's forest cabin for possible equipment and eventually found a saw. The duo then set Parker free, making him hug Logan who gulped and insisted that they should take a walk somewhere safer. Parker chuckled, saying that they could go to his favourite bar nearby. Logan, Parker and player then went there, Logan still visibly nervous from Parker's hug.

After all of these events, Elena told Clint that someone stole Serpent's dagger and caused a hurricane. Worried Clint sighed, saying how they must find and return the dagger since it's their only hope to stop the hurricane from destroying the town. Right then, Caroline approached the team, saying how she knows a secret place where they could learn more about Serpent's Dagger and it's powers...



Murder Weapon:

  • Crystal Shard




Killer's Profile

  • The killer plays the Navajo flute.
  • The killer wears contact lenses.
  • The killer can sew.
  • The killer is 6 feet tall.
  • The killer wears a crystal necklace.

Crime Scenes

Crystal Cave Cave Entrance Crystal Cave Bonus
Victim's Forest Cabin Stone Fireplace Victim's Forest Cabin Bonus
Parking Lot Victim's Car Parking Lot Bonus
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