Cross My Broken Heart
General information
Season 1
City Raxelville
District Walcott Banks
Case # 30
Initial release date 16.7.2020
Partner(s) Anisa Alvarado
Case chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
Turn A Blind Eye Hold on the Line
(in Secrets of Yahatu)

Cross My Broken Heart is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the thirtieth and final case of Raxelville. It's also the fifth one to take place in Walcott Banks district.


As Mina Coltrane and Lexi Maynard ran towards the woods, the player got ambushed by a shadowed figure. The player attempted to scream for help, but their screams were suffocated when their attacker knocked them out with chloroform. Few hours later, the player got woken up in the abandoned chapel by Anisa Alvarado and Alex Carrington, who immediately hugged them and made sure that they are okay. Panicking Anisa then told the player that Mina and Lexi never showed up at their hideout and that they located the player thanks to their phone. After helping the player get back on their feet, the trio left the chapel. As they were walking through the old cemetery back to Bianca's apartment, they noticed a huge wooden cross in the middle of the cemetery. Anisa covered her mouth in disgust and pointed at the blood trail leading to the cross. With a deep breath, the trio approached the wooden cross...only to realize that the crucified person is Lexi herself. Crying Anisa tried to get Lexi off the cross, but Alex calmed her down, saying how he's going to take the body and autopsy it. Anisa fell on her knees and started sobbing, promising that she'll find Lexi's killer and make sure that they pay for their crime. As heartbroken Alex brought the body back to Bianca's apartment, Anisa and player investigated the old chapel and found enough clues to suspect creepy priest Gus Tatterson and Lexi's father Nigel Maynard. A little while later, the duo ran into their friend Salvador Weiss, who escaped Aurora by jumping out of the car and hiding. After informing Salvador of Lexi's murder, the heartbroken duo reunited with other team members. Right then, they recieved a call from panicking Stuart Schneider. Stuart told them that he's tied up on the construction site and that they must come quickly, because Josip somehow brought Evangelina Milton, supposedly dead The Phantom member, back to life.

Anisa and player then hurried to the construction site and found Stuart tied to the pole. After untying him, the team was ready to leave, only to get approached by Evangelina, who smirked and pointed her gun at them. Before Evangelina could fire at them, Anisa took out her gun and shot Evangelina in the knee. When Evangelina fell down on the floor, Anisa slapped handcuffs around her wrists and told her to talk. With a devilish grin, Evangelina revealed that Aurora and Josip decided to give her a second chance to prove that she's worthy. Evangelina then unbuttoned her shirt and revealed large stitch around her chest, saying how Josip gave her a new heart that's being powered by their hidden generator. After taking the resurrected criminal to custody, the duo interrogated Stuart before investigating the construction site for more clues, eventually adding resistance leader Pierce Cromwell to the list too. Later on, the pair discovered that Gus sent threatening homophobic messages to Lexi, saying how she's left God's path by loving another woman. They also discovered that Nigel and Lexi had an argument the last time they saw each other and that Salvador was at the cemetery around the time Lexi was nailed to the cross. After interrogating everyone, Anisa and player returned to others, only to get approached by panicking Pierce, who told them that Aurora wants to video chat with them again.

Angry, Anisa accepted the video call and Aurora immediately started laughing at them, taunting them with Lexi's death. Clutching her fist, Anisa accused Aurora of killing Lexi, but Aurora laughed and told her that she had someone else do it since she was "too tired" to deal with a useless pest like Lexi. When Anisa told her that they will find her location and Lexi's killer, Aurora smirked and told her that her father Josip is almsot ready with repairing their talisman, meaning that she will shapeshift into mayor Alisa Avermalio again and have them all captured. When the video call ended, Anisa and player investigated The Phantom's old hideout and found enough reasons to suspect their friend Luciano Linberg. Later on, the team discovered that Lexi and Evangelina dated few years ago and that Pierce accidentally lured Lexi and Mina to the cemetery when he told them to take a shorter route. The pair also found Lexi's hair on the rope Stuart was tied up with, even though Stuart denied seeing Lexi at all. When Anisa and player returned to their hideout, Ed Heller told them that he found unconscious Mina in the forest.

Anisa and player, along with Ed, then brought Mina back to Bianca's apartment. Worried Alex then told them that Mina recieved a horrible head injury and that he's unsure if she'll make it. Now even more determined to find Lexi's killer, Anisa and player investigated the cemetery and The Phantom's old hideout once again. Later on, the team discovered that Aurora painted a crucified Lexi and left the painting in Mina's car, wanting to taunt her. The pair also discovered Luciano's fingerprints on Lexi's earring, but sobbing Luciano denied having anything to do with the murder. After collecting all of the remaining evidence, Anisa and player finally discovered that Lexi's killer is Anisa's ex-boyfriend, Luciano Linberg.

Anisa and player then approached Luciano, who was sitting alone in the cemetery. Anisa teared up, refusing to believe that Luciano killed Lexi. Heartbroken Luciano tried to convince them that he's innocent and that Lexi is his friend, but after Anisa presented the evidence, Luciano sighed and confessed, saying how they won't understand him and his pain. Clutching his beanie nervously, Luciano revealed that he was totally broken when Anisa broke up with him and that he desperately tried to hide his pain. Luciano sobbed and explained that their relationship was the only thing that prevented him from commiting suicide few months. Few days after their breakup, Aurora saw Luciano crying in the forest and offered to help him. Aurora promised that she will shapeshift into Anisa, be with him and give him emotional support if he kills Lexi and distracts the team. After hearing this, Anisa snapped at Luciano, her eyes filled with rage. Tearful Luciano then tried to calm her down, explaining how that's the only way he can feel alive and happy again. Determined to be happy and loved again, Luciano kidnapped Stuart and player to distract the team before hunting down Mina and Lexi in the forest. After knocking them out, Luciano dragged Lexi to the cemetery and nailed her hands and feet to the wooden cross, leaving her to slowly bleed to death. After hearing this story, Anisa burst into tears and told Luciano how she and Aurora can look the same, but they will never be the same person. Before Anisa could handcuff him, Luciano told them that he can still help them find Aurora since he's going to rot in prison either way. Right when Luciano was about to reveal Aurora's location, Pierce lunged at him and slashed his chest open with a bear claw, making Luciano scream in pain and fall on the floor. Before Anisa could react, Pierce smirked and gripped his necklace as his body started to glow. Anisa and player stared in shock as Pierce slowly shapeshifted into Josip Zorjan, revealing that they have been the same person all along.

Before Josip could slash at Anisa with his claw, Anisa pulled out her gun and shot him in the arm, making him drop his claw. Josip then grabbed Anisa in chokehold, holding a knife to her throat before smirking at the player and disappearing with his van. The player then ran back to others and informed them about everything. When player finished with explaining, panicking Salvador told them that Evangelina escaped custody and that, knowing how much she hates Anisa, it won't end good for Anisa if they don't find her. Clutching her fist, Bianca suggested that they should return to the cemetery and find a way to rescue Anisa. After searching around, the pair found a strange device in the pile of bones before sending it to Ed. Few minutes later, excited Ed told them that he knows where Josip and Aurora's generator room is. Bianca's eyes filled with happy tears, proud that they are so close to finally defeating the deadly father-daughter duo. Ed then told them that the laboratory is in government's abandoned tunnels, making Bianca smile as she remembered beggining of their adventures. Knowing that there is a special ritual that must be completed in order to access them, the pair asked Stuart to help them. After Stuart told them that Evangelina took his notes away from him, Bianca and player investigated the construction site and found Evangelina's bag with Stuart's books inside. The pair then handed them to Stuart, who then showed them which items are required for the ritual. Knowing that Evangelina stole the artifacts when she killed museum curator Katrina Sanchez, Stuart, Bianca and player decided to investigate The Phantom's old hideout to see if she hid them there. After searching it, the trio found Evangelina's artifacts.

Meanwhile, Salvador asked player for help with tracking down and arresting Evangelina. After investigating the construction site, the pair found a weird ruby necklace in pile of cement blocks. The pair sent it to Alex, who told them that the ruby is actually a key to Aztec tomb that they already visited during Phoebe Hammand's murder investigation. Remembering The Phantom's connections to that tomb, Salvador and player decided to try and find Evangelina there. After entering the tomb with her necklace, Salvador and player found Evangelina standing by the snake pit. Salvador pointed his gun at Evangelina, telling her to surrender. Evangelina laughed, telling Salvador how she's not scared of him and his gun. Pissed, Salvador shot Evangelina in the leg, but Evangelina's wound healed instantly much to Salvador's surprise. Smirking, she told him that Josip made some adjustments on her shortly after she escaped custody. With a loud battle scream, Evangelina tackled Salvador down on the floor, trying to strangle him. As Salvador's vision slowly started to fade, the player grabbed Salvador's gun and bashed Evangelina over the head, making her fall down on her side. After catching air, Salvador tried to handuff Evangelina, but she grabbed his hand and pushed him away, making him fall down next to the snake pit. Evangelina then sat on him, threatening to throw him into the snake pit. Trying to find a way out, Salvador noticed a cut on Evangelina's chest and remembered her talking about her "new mechanical heart". Realizing that he can kill Evangelina by destroying her heart, Salvador kicked Evangelina in the stomach, grabbed his gun and shot her in the heart. Realizing that she has been shot, Evangelina screamed at Salvador before her hands started shaking. Evangelina's mechanical heart then exploded, blowing Evangelina apart. Salvador fell down on his knees and took a deep breath before leaving the tomb with the player.

After taking down Evangelina, player and Salvador reunited with Bianca and Stuart in the museum. Before they entered the tunnels, Bianca took player's hand and told them how she's proud of them and that this journey has been one of the best things that happend to their squad. The group then entered the tunnels, carefully looking around for any signs of Anisa, Josip or Aurora. Right then, Stuart heard Anisa's voice in the nearby hallway. The group then headed there, only to find wounded Anisa locked in a glass cage. Stuart attempted to free Anisa, but fell down on the floor when a brick struck him over the head. Right then, Aurora emerged from the shadows, pointing her gun at Bianca, Salvador and player. Smirking, Aurora told them that they fell right in their trap and that she can finally do something she's been waiting for a long time...kill the player. Bianca attempted to tackle Aurora, but Aurora grabbed her hand and threw her against the wall. Salvador then pulled out his gun, but Josip appeared behind him and tackled him down, holding him on the ground. Smirking Aurora then stepped towards the player, telling them how they've been a tough obstacle and how she'll miss being chased around the city by them. When Aurora was about to pull the trigger, she heard a familiar scream and bone cracking sounds.. Aurora then turned around, only to see emotionless Mina Coltrane standing over Josip's broken and bloodied body, holding a baseball bat. Filled with rage that Mina killed her father, Aurora lunged at Mina, but Salvador was able to grab her by the hair and throw her against the shelf, making a bottle of acid fall right on Aurora's face. As Aurora screamed in pain, Salvador handcuffed her as Mina helped Bianca and Stuart get up. After freeing Anisa, the team returned to others with Aurora. As the team shared a huge group hug for finally bringing down Josip and Aurora's reign of terror, badly injured Aurora told them how she'll make them all pay. Annoyed by Aurora's voice, Anisa punched Aurora in her disfigured face, making her fall down unconscious.


The team was seen on the graveyard, honoring their fallen heroes Tristan, Lexi, Jordan, Lorenzo and Kelly. Bianca wiped her tears away and said how every single one of them will be remembered as heroes and how she'll make sure that their story will be heard. After Stuart's speech as an interim mayor, Mina approached Lexi's grave, holding a photo of Lexi. Sobbing Mina sat by the grave and promised that she will always carry Lexi in her heart. Tears rolled down Mina's face as she explained how she will always miss Lexi's hugs and her beautiful smile. After the funeral, Anisa suggested that they should give Mina some time alone to grieve in peace.

Later that night, the team (along with Mina, Stuart and Nigel) was seen in Stuart's mansion, celebrating their victory. Holding his wine glass, Stuart told the team how he's proud of them and how he's sorry for underestimating them the first time they saw each other. As interim mayor, Stuart told them that he'll make sure that their work will be recongized and that they'll get prize that they deserve. The team then happily remembered all of their investigations, before Anisa told everyone that Aurora has been sentenced to life imprisonment without parole in solitary confinement and with maximum security. The team then spent their evening honoring their fallen friends before Stuart pulled the player aside. Excited Stuart then told them that there is someone who wants to talk with them outside. The player went outisde and got approached by a beautiful woman with gold blonde hair. The woman introduced herself as Elena Yellowstone and told the player how she heard about them and their work. Elena revealed that she is an archaeologist and part of Yahatu Archaeological Association, an archaeological organization trying to unveil the mystery behind a disappearence of Yahatu, ancient village whose story was spread worldwide. Elena then asked the player if they are willing to join them since the player's skills could really help them with all trouble that they will face. After accepting Elena's offer, the player went to say their goodbyes to Raxelville Mystery Squad, promising that they will see each other again in the future. Excited for player's new adventures, the team helped them pack their things and dropped the player off on the airport to meet up with Elena. Smiling Elena then told the player to prepare since they are flying to Hardville Town to meet the rest of YAA squad...



Murder Weapon:

  • Nail Gun




Killer's Profile

  • The killer has dandruff.
  • The killer knows chemistry.
  • The killer is strong.
  • The killer has torn clothes.
  • The killer has stubble.

Crime Scenes

Old Cemetery Wooden Cross Old Cemetery Bonus
Abandoned Chapel Angel Statue Abandoned Chapel Bonus
Construction Site Debris Construction Site Bonus
The Phantom's Hideout Campfire The Phantom's Hideout Bonus
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