Criminal Case TV Stars is a game that currently only has one season planned, but may have more. Famous TV characters from animated and live action shows and movies come to America as victims, murderers, suspects and quasi suspects! It currently has 6 districts and 30 cases. More may be added soon.

Districts and Cases

Hollywood studios

Tutorial case: The amazing death of Gumball

Case 1: Starfall

Case 2: Two sides to every Middle School story

Case 3: Spitfire extinguished

Case 4: Nexo nights

Case 5: Tunes of the pistol

Orlando resort Florida

Case 6: Rebranded bunny

Case 7: Death, my dear Watson

Case 8: Robots of crime

Case 9: Doh'nuts in the park

Case 10: The murder hypotheses

Walt Disney World

Case 11: Beware the bullet

Case 12: To infinity and beyond

Case 13: Long live the Queen

Case 14: Hook a duck

Case 15: For those who passed

New York City

Case 16: Shell shock

Case 17: Beauty of the beach

Case 18: A web of lies

Case 19: To the moon and back

Case 20: Friends no more

South Dakota

Case 21: Rush of the wind

Case 22: Adrenaline seeks the weak

Case 23: Eye of the tiger

Case 24: Tiger's prey

Case 25: Scratch of the dead

Cal Arts

Case 26: Still as a statue

Case 27: Stay frosty

Case 28: Hope lies here

Case 29: Born to die

Case 30: The last frame.


Marco Diaz is the only character to appear as a suspect, quasi suspect, murderer and victim, as he dies in Case 26.

Every case in the district of South Dakota focuses on serial killer, Tiger.

All cases in New York City feature characters from shows set in New York.

More will come soon!

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