Rankings are the system used to value a created case. Rankings help the staff choose the best cases to showcasing on the main page.

Who may rate fanmade cases?

None of them can rate their own cases[note 1] as this will be unfair towards others.

Sometimes, the staff members will not be able to rate your case immediately, so you can leave your case here to be rated and one of the staff members will do it when they can!

Note that if a user wants their case to be rated again after revisions have been made to the case page, they are allowed to request for a new review, but it's preferably not advised as we have others to rate.

List of Cases to Rate

You may put your cases to rate, but there's only two per season/collaboration allowed on the list. Just put your case at the bottom of the list and not before or you may lose the privilege to have that case rated.



  1. This also pertains to cases of a collaboration that a staff member is involved in, whether or not they wrote the case. This is done in order to avoid bias while rating.
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