Criminal Case: Grimsborough Bay is a MysteryJones's fanmade series that consists in the junction of Grimsborough characters with Pacific Bay characters and some World Edition ones too.

Border Valleys:

Border Valleys is the city of this season. It will have 10 districts named:

  1. Bridge Keep
  2. Riverside Boardwalk
  3. Industrial Deposit
  4. Downtown
  5. Comercial Lands
  6. Freelands
  7. Soggy Swamps
  8. Destiny City
  9. Crimson Deserts
  10. The Border

Bridge Keep:

Bridge Keep is the first district of this season. It centers on rivalry between the East side of the bridge and the West side.

Cases #1 - #7 are situaded in this district.

  1. Back to the Past
  2. The Darkness Awaits
  3. Until the Dawn
  4. Mercy, Mercy, Please!
  5. The Light from the East
  6. The Darkness from the West
  7. The End of Bridge Keep
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