Criminal Case: Depravity is a version of the game Criminal Case in a parallel universe created by IFand0m98. Each game in the series is marked as a chapter instead of a season, and the series has been planned to have at least 9 or 10 of them. The first chapter takes place at the exact same time as the first season of the original Criminal Case.


Chapter 1: Infection ( To be released very soon)

Chapter 2: Live to die (To be released soon)

Chapter 3: Strangely Psycho (To be released soon)

Chapter 4: Population: Paranormal (To be released soon after)

Chapter 5: Twist on time (To be released later on)

Chapter 6: Global warnings (To be released later on)

Chapter 7: Dead down devils (To be released very later on)

Chapter 8: Unravelled hatred (To be released very later on)

Chapter 9: Divide (May not be released for a long while)

Chapter 10: Conquer (May not be released for a long while)


One of the cases from Chapter 1: Infection has been revealed to be called 'The boy who cried Wolf'.

Chapter 9 and Chapter 10's names are a pun on the phrase 'Divide and conquer.'

Chapter 6's name is a pun on 'Global warming.'

Chapter 4 is confirmed to have something to do with ghosts and E.T's.

Chapter 5: Twist on time's plot may be similar to Criminal Case's upcoming Season 6, Travel in time.

All together, there will be over 250 cases, with there being 25 in each game.

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