Criminal Case: Connections is a new series of cases following the casts of the first three seasons.


Instead of just one department, you're working with all members from the three seasons, as you switch between Grimsborough and Pacific Bay to solve crimes. Travel through both cities and solve cases with some of your favorite heroes!


The Heroes

Personnel Age Job Position Description
Diane Parker 38 Grimsborough Commissioner Current chief of Grimsborough. Rumored to be pregnant and is looking for a successor.
Andrea Marquez 45 Pacific Bay Commissioner Current chief of Pacific Bay. Currently rumored to have a boyfriend, and there are betting pools if it's true.
Elizabeth Ripley 65 Founder of the Bureau Former chief of the Bureau. Thought to have vanished after the fall of SOMBRA, she suddenly finds herself a suspect in a murder investigation...
Ingrid Bjorn 43 Former Assistant/Chief of the Bureau Ripley's former assistant turned chief. Her movements after the fall of SOMBRA are unknown, and has somehow made it to Grimsborough after being attacked...
Player N/A Homicide Detective of Multiple Departments Aka you. You're also the descendant of the hero from Mysteries of the Past.
David Jones 39 Grimsborough Senior Officer One of your current partners in Grimsborough. After the events of the Conspiracy, Zoe regained her memories of him and the happy couple is now engaged. By the events of Connections, he's currently stressed with wedding plans. Thankfully, his fellow officers are mostly helpful...
Gloria Hayes 42 Grimsborough Police Officer One of your current partners in Grimsborough. During the events of the Conspiracy, she lost her ex husband. Since then, she's been given full custody of her son, and has been on leave trying to support him ever since. She just got back during the events of Connections, and is still trying to get back in process.
Jamie Miller 25 Pacific Bay Junior Detective The new male partner from Pacific Bay. He's been told lots of stories of you from Amy, so he's a huge fan of you and gets starry eyed when he sees you in action. But don't let that fool you. There's a reason he graduated with honors from the police academy.
Amy Crane 26 Pacific Bay Senior Officer Your old female partner from Pacific Bay. Since you last saw her, she's married Russel, and now has a son by the name of Franklin. She just got back from maternity leave by the time you see her again.
Jack Archer 29 Private Investigator/Former Bureau Elite Force Agent Your old male partner from the Bureau. Since SOMBRA's fall, he's become a private detective in America, putting his disguise skills to good use. He's also partners with Lars.
Carmen Martinez 42 Journalist/Former Bureau Elite Force Detective Your old female partner from the Bureau. Since SOMBRA's fall, she had moved back to her hometown and took up journalism again to take care of Sanjay. Even though she's left the life of crime solving, it's quite clear she still craves it.
Martine Meunier 30 Grimsborough Chief Medical Examiner French woman and fan of human form. Currently interested in Jack.
Roxie Sparks 32 Pacific Bay Chief Medical Examiner Roxie hasn't changed much since you last saw her. She still likes partying all night, although this time around, she's now dating Cory.
Grace Delany 37 Grimsborough Lab Chief/Former Bureau Chief Medical Examiner During the events of the Conspiracy, Rupert Winchester was lost during a shootout at HQ. Grace, who had gone traveling the world since SOMBRA's fall, was called back in. She's very happy to be working with her old friends again, and has gained a crush on Oliver.
Amir Devani 26 Grimborough Lab Assistant Since Rupert's death during the Conspiracy, Amir has grown up a bit. He's become more mature and more forward in his actions. He's currently married to Jasper and they've just adopted a little boy named Micheal.
Yann Toussiant 48 Pacific Bay Lab Chief This guy hasn't changed much since you last saw him. Still great to talk to and proud father of a family.
Lars Douglas 47 Private Investigator/Former Bureau Lab Chief Since the fall of SOMBRA, Lars has retired from his job to look after his daughters. Despite this, he still kept in contact with Jack, who convinced him to be his partner as a private investigator. Still misses Angela very much.
Alex Turner 29 Grimsborough Tech Expert During the events of the Conspiracy, Alex got caught in the middle of the shootout at HQ. After Rupert's death and realizing how short life was, he asked to get back on the force. Since joining back, he and Cathy has been sharing several public displays of affection, much to other officers' discomfort.
Cathy Turner 28 Grimsborough Tech Expert Granddaughter of former Chief Samuel King. Used to be a hacker of sorts. Proud mother of a little boy named Sammy.
Hannah Choi 29 Pacific Bay Tech Expert Since the events of Season 2, Hannah has tied the knot with Heather and the couple is currently making plans for adoption. She has also nearly got arrested for treason three more times.
Eliot Clayton 19 Freelance Tech Investigator/Former Bureau Tech Expert Since the fall of SOMBRA, Eliot has become a freelancer investigating tech crimes. However, it's been reported he's been hacking into several important companies...
Gabriel Herrera 37 Grimsborough Profiler Resident nice guy.
Russel Crane 31 Pacific Bay Profiler Newly married to Amy and with a family, Russel has become a bit... overbearing when it comes to Amy and her coming back to work. To be honest, though, he fits the category of "overprotective parent".
Mariana Karam 34 Psychologist/Former Bureau Profiler Since the fall of SOMBRA, she's married Jonah and is currently pregnant with twins. Currently much more irritable.
Rita Estevez 30 Grimsborough Field Expert Weapons expert. Currently dating a guy named Mark Cannon.
Cory Addams 30 Pacific Bay Field Expert The new field expert of Pacific Bay. He comes from a family of war veterans, and he loves playing with weapons. Also Roxie's current boyfriend.
Jonah Karam 40 Mercenary/Former Bureau Field Expert Since the fall of SOMBRA, he's become a private mercenary in South Sahara after recovering from his injuries. He has since married Marina and he's very excited to become a father.
Eduardo Ramirez 47 Grimsborough Consultant Former police officer turned private detective. Very nice, if not a little bit stupid sometimes. Infamous for his trusty frying pan. Descendant of Constable Ramirez from Mysteries of the Past.
Cynthia Zimmerman 33 Pacific Bay Consultant A private detective who's become a consultant for Pacific Bay. Natural flirt.
Oliver Wright 27 Pacific Bay Consultant Cynthia's partner. Unlike Cynthia, he's very professional, if not a bit easily flustered. Also the descendant of Arthur Wright from Mysteries of the Past.
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