Crimes of Liberty
General information
Season 2
Setting New York City, New York,U.S.
Founder Peter Minuit
Established 1624
Inhabitants New Yorkers
Population 8.4 million
Primary LEA New York City Police Department
Key city figures Zahira Woolridge (chief of police)
No. of cases in season 62
No. of regions in season 11
Released Soon... (i thought lmao)
Unlocked by All 50 cases in The Syndicate completed
Appears in Season 2
Act 2 of Criminal Case
Season guide
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The Syndicate TBA
Buckle up and prepare for an adventure like no other as you enlist into the New York Police Department, a talented team tasked to serve justice and truth to the city that never sleeps! The job won't be easy and the work will be hard, as you and your team fight off new challenges and unravel the mysteries and secrets of New York! Get ready, detective, for the real challenge has only just begun...

Crimes of Liberty is the title of the second season of Act 2 of Criminal Case, set in New York City, "the city that never sleeps". Its release date is currently unknown.

Located in New York City, Crimes of Liberty focuses on murder investigations across the Big Apple, with distinct districts based on the real boroughs, neighbourhoods, and avenues of New York City. The New York City Police Department is the law enforcement agency serving the city.


Crimes of Liberty features sixty-two cases set across eleven districts, themed after the real boroughs, neighbourhoods, and avenues of New York City. Nine districts have currently been revealed so far, though the order of the districts is unknown.

These include: Coney Island, The Bronx, Upper Queens, Lower Brooklyn, Upper Brooklyn, Lower Queens, Broadway, Harlem, Silicon Alley, and Wall Street.


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