Craig Sinclaire
Full name Craig Sinclaire
Gender Male
Status Alive
Nationality British
Residence East Kensington, Kensington Heights, England
Appearance(s) Something in the Water (mentioned)
Craig Sinclaire was the boyfriend of Yvette Neilson. He was mentioned in the investigation of Wallace Starch in Something in the Water (Case #10 of Kensington Heights).


Craig has dark skin, he has brown eyes and has long black dreadlocks. He wore a white t-shirt underneath a black puffer jacket.

Role in Case(s)

Something in the Water

Charice Leopar and her now ex-friend Yvette Nielson (who had been mentioned previously in Open the Gates) had been brought into the station after having a fight in the middle of the street. When asked what the fight was about, Charice said that every time she saw Yvette, she was reminded by how she had slept with her boyfriend, Craig. Yvette and Charice then had another argument and were both found to be almost useless together. So Yvette and Charice were put into different rooms and spoken to separately. Charice said that didn't have any previous hatred towards Yvette, just suddenly she realised that what Yvette did was bad and she shouldn't be friends with her anymore.

Case Appearances


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