Countryside is the first district in Townville to be investigated by the player in PetersCorporal's fangame. It contains eleven cases, as well as every other district in Townville (except for New Townville). After this district is finished, the player will head on to the Commercial Area.

The main themes in this district are Jamin Family CompanyCecilia DiGiappo and the landbuyer Steve Zasts.


Case #1, The Murdered Milker:

The Murdered Milker

Case #2, Riverside Slaughter:

Riverside Slaughter

Case #3, Decease Behind The Trees:

Decease Behind The Trees

Case #4, The Crimes At Work:

The Crimes At Work

Case #5, Can't Touch This:

Can't Touch This

Case #6, Shoot, Carry, Hang:

Shoot, Carry, Hang

Case #7, Bullets Above:

Bullets Above

Case #8, Within The Fire:

Within The Fire

Case #9, Arabian Poison:

Case #10, Swimming Dead:

Case #11, Murder Behind Bars:

Arabian Poison

Swimming Dead

Murder Behind Bars

Police Dogs Shop

To unlock the police dogs shop in the Contryside, the player has to earn 2 gold medals first. The available dogs in this shop are the next:

Dog Cost Output
Labrador Retriever 100,000 coins

1,000 coins (Very tiny)

1 lucky card (Very tiny)

Greyhound 100,000 coins

100 XP (Very tiny)

1 lucky card (Very tiny)

Pitbull (Premium) 100 cash

10 energy (Very tiny)

1 lucky card (Tiny)

Level Hearts required Stats increase
Level 2 30 Hearts Skill 2: +1 bar
Level 3  120 Hearts Skill 1: +1 bar
Level 4 360 Hearts Skills 1&2: +1 bar
Level 5 720 Hearts

Skill 1: +1 bar

Skill 2: +2 bars

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