Cosette Beaurigarde
Full name Cosette Ameile Beaurigarde
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth June 13, 1990
Nationality Flag of France French
Residence International
Beaurigarde Cottage, Calais, France
Family Marie Boutfont (partner)
Profession Judge for International Circuit of Courts
Affiliation(s) International Circuit of Courts
I have dealt with psychopaths, serial killers, rapists... but none of them turn my stomach as much as you, Romano.
—Cosette Beaurigarde
Cosette Amelie Beaurigarde (appearing as both The Honorable Beaurigarde and Judge Beaurigarde) is a 25 year old judge for the World Court.


Cosette was born in Calais, France. She is the judge for the World Court. She sports a black robe with a scarlet cape and gold scales across the robe. She also has black hair and eyeliner and black eyeshadow. Cosette is a rather stern person, however, she is fair and not prejudiced against anyone. It is known that in her home town of Calais, her girlfriend Marie Boutfont live in her cottage.


As a judge of the International Circuit Court service, Beaurigarde's main role in the game is to sentence the killers and bring justice at the end of each case in the World Edition. The sentence Beaurigarde issues depends on the severity of the crime, the mental health of the killer, the motives for the murder, how much false testimony the killer gave out during the investigation, just to name a few.


Name Case Sentence
Ross McNeilson Britannia Rules the Waves 37 years in jail

(2015 - 2052)

Amelia Dietrich The Berlin Revolutions 40 years in jail

(2015 - 2055)

General Fiedler One Shot, One Kill 10 years in jail note

(2015 - 2025)

Agostine Telesca For Whom the Bell Tolls 30 years in jail in a French penitentiary

(2015 - 2045/Shot down 2015) note

Sebastien Fassbinder Under the Rocks Life in jail without parole in solitary confinement

(2015 - ∞)

Béatrice Cloutier Lesson Learned 5 years in jail

(2015 - 2020)

Ben Alexopoulous When the Lights Go Out Life in jail with no chance of parole

(2015 - ∞)

Alexander Grimm Sons of Anarchy 50 years in jail with no chance of parole

(2015 - 2065)

Major Summerslade All Bases Secured 23 years in jail

(2015 - 2038)

Tariq Rashad Stabbed in the Dark 30 years in jail

(2015 - 2045)

Neith Akil When the Sand Falls 27 years in jail


Ikram Boutaleb Take a Last Breath 15 years in jail

(2016 - 2031)

Boran Akdag Sewn to Death 10 years in prison with a chance of parole in 5 years

(2016 - 2026)

Yusuf Barahir An Appetite for Murder 25 years in jail

(2016 - 2041)

Reem Benhoussan War Never Changes 1 day in jail after being shortened for cooperating

(3 February 2016 - 4 February 2016)

Notable Events

Britannia Rules the Waves

This was Cosette's first appearance. During the trial, Ross McNeilson makes a crude remark towards the female population, offending Cosette massively. This caused her to have an outburst of rage.

Case Appearances

As one of the central characters of the World Edition and the judge of the World Court, Beaurigarde has appeared in every single case of the World Edition-to-date.


  • Cosette loves her gavel, who she likes to call by 'Mr. Hammy', more than her girlfriend.
  • Cosette is shown to be a major feminist and feminism supporter as shown in Britannia Rules the Waves.
  • Cosette is a parody of Nico Collard from a franchise centered on a series of point-and-click adventure games referred to as Broken Sword.


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