Cornelia Stolf is the victim of Stolf's Remains (Case #4 of Cortonith Island). Prior to that, she debutted at False Promise as a suspect.


Cornelia Stolf is known to be the one who inspired her twins to have their own business. She's an old woman, and she keeps guiding them in a right way especially Lorelei.

Murder Details

Cornelia was found dead at the B&S Inn, being brawled to death with bare fists. They may have spilled verbal fights before even physical. Due to Cornelia's agility, the killer may have their fists bloodied, later being bandaged.

Killer and Motives

The killer is a pirate named Errol Mitanio. Errol's presence forced to reveal Lilith Darklust, shocking the two co-owners as they witnessed her. Errol admitted that he stole the chest, and he admitted that he killed Cornelia Stolf so that he could get the chest for his own, but he didn't realized that it is actually owned by Lilith. Errol faces life in jail with a chance of parole in 25 years. Errol is immediately ganged-up with the police ambushing against him. To prevent Lilith enraging, he is brought to jail before Lilith harms anybody and placing the chest at the right place. Thus, she vanished without a trace.

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