Ah! So this was how it happened... Interesting...
—Cordelia Wright

Cordelia Wright is the coroner of the Luxington Investigation Agency.


Cordelia is the 29-year-old coroner of the LIA. She has shoulder-length black hair adorned with a hair clip to clip the hair bangs. She wears a lab coat with the LIA insignia over her green blouse. She wears a pair of denim jeans and rubber shoes. For accessories, she wears a purple pendant with a picture of her family.

Cordelia is 5 feet and 8 inches tall, has green eyes, weighs 125 pounds, and her blood type is B-. Cordelia is very intelligent and thorough whenever she examines something. She is also a loving mother to her family.

Notable Events

  • Nothing remarkable yet


Chapter 1: The Story Begins

Chapter 2: The Silence is Broken

Chapter Appearances

Cordelia appears in all chapters that require autopsies or biological analysis. She may, however, appear on other chapters that do not require the circumstances.

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