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Cooperwright is a city used as the main setting for the first season of Criminal Case.


The city is situated in the United States of America, Cooperwright is a city with its diverse population, with citizens coming from different places in the world, a melting pot of nations.


Cooperwright has [unknown] districts, namely Pinesfield, Spruce Grove, Summerside Valley, Winter Peaks, Cypress County, [tba]


This district, covered with immense thickets of pine trees, hence its name, features most of the tourist attractions, mostly tourist traps. Pinesfield has some real attractions of its own, including the myths surrounding the district. This district hosts a festival every year, in celebration of the native gods in the district.

Cases 1 to 9 are located here.

Spruce Grove

The second district, flooded with a sea of spruce trees.

Cases 10 to 20 are located in this area.

Summerside Valley

The third district, located within a oddly formed valley. The valley town is not prone to flooding, thanks to the dams built around it. The district's past is shrouded with mystery, especially the oddly-formed valley.

Cases 21-30 are situated here.

Winter Peaks

The community of mountain ranges, Winter Peaks is a tourist destination for people who love ice skating, sledding and skiing. A popular place for Olympians who play the Winter Games.

Cases 30-38 are based here.

Cypress County

Full of cypress trees, Cypress County hosts Cooperwright's most prestigious university, the Prycess University. The land of future innovation and invention, the creation of robots have risen ever since.

Cases 39-46 are based here.