Chapter 1

Jean: Do murders ever change, <name> why kill? it's ruins lives

Delaney: Well, that's why we have to arrest the criminals.

Jean: Indeed.

Jean: Anyway, <name> the opening of the first Sharma tower is today, and i want us to be there in case anything happens!

Delaney: You heard the chief. Lets go!

New Crime Scene!:Base of Sharma tower

Delaney: Wow, this tower is tall. No wonder the chief wanted us to be here. Wait, is that a body?

Delaney: You're right <name>! that man is William Sharma! He's been murdered!

Delaney: you've already found some clues, have you? Such as that torn photo.

Delaney: of course you want t look in the trash. Go on then

Examine: Torn photo

Delaney: Aw, it's a photo of our victim with his other daughter, Hailey!

Delaney: It'll be nice to see Hailey again. Even though she's a suspect in a murder investigation.

New suspect!: Hailey Sharma

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Searching for a murder weapon(4/6)

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