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Jerry: Hello again, <Name>! I'm glad to see Old George called you to come here too. I didn't want to work alone. Did he tell you what we'll have to do today?
Jerry: I hope it's just some celebration for Colombus Day as today's October the 12th, and not some other murder.
George: Here you are, guys! I need the two of you to go to Evergreen Paradise, a posh gated community in the district. That's where Montgomery Appleton lives.
Thomas: I'll explain that to you. I discovered that Vaninna Ballaffinte sent everything in the Hilton & Hilton Club to different adresses which belonged to her, the club, her husband, or someone in her family.
Thomas: Mysteriously, only one parcel was shipped to Montgomery's house in Evergreen Paradise. I told you Montgomery was not a good person, guys!
Jerry: We talked to him and he didn't reply like a MAFIA member would do. He was just a friend of the Hiltons.
George: That's not all. We called the gated community and the security guard, Gordon McSteve, told us that there was already a police officer there and unfortunately, it's Everett.
George: I don't want him to take anything we need to bring MAFIA down from there and we don't know why he went there in the first place. Go and see if everything's ok and if it is, help Everett.

Jerry: The last thing I'd like to do is working being Everett's partner. There he is, <Name>.
Everett: What are you doing here now, <Name>?! I'm trying to investigate a murder!
Jerry: Murder? Who died?!
Everett: I don't know yet, the security guard gave me directions but this place is a labyrinth.
Jerry: We're investigating too, we can help you look for the victim's body. Where can we go, <Name>?

Chapter 1

Investigate Celebrations amphitheatre
Jerry: I think we found the corpse, <Name>. It's a very young boy, a teenager! Judging by how he's dressed and the decorations in this place, I'd say he was participating in Colombus Day's celebrations.
Jerry: That scaffold fell on him and crushed him to death! It looks like a tragic accident and- Oh, there is Everett again.
Everett: You found the victim! Thanks very much. I don't know how I'll manage to solve this case on my own. Most of the officers in our squad are on holidays!
Jerry: Then why don't you let our team take care of it? You can work with us if you want to help.
Everett: I have no choice but to accept, even though you're trying to steal the spotlight again. I'll see if anybody can recognize the victim and I'll make sure nobody leaves this community.
Jerry: Thanks a lot, Everett! Well, <Name>, we won't be able to take the scaffold used to hold the decorations to our HQ but we can examine it.
Jerry: That schoolbag, was it here too? The victim is the only person around, it must belong to him. We should take a look at its content.

Autopsy the victim's body
Megan: Poor boy... My heart breaks when I have young people on my autopsies table. It makes me worry about Susana's safety.
Megan: Happy Colombus Day, by the way. I travelled once to the Bahamas, where-
Jerry: We'll talk about Colombus later, but now tell us what you found out about the victim.
Megan: The scaffold fell on him brutally, it was an extremely painful death. There's nothing I can say about whether it's an accident or someone did it on purpose.
Megan: However, I found traces of dandruff on his body and the boy didn't have any on his hair. Maybe you can identify this person.
Jerry: Of course we can. Thanks very much, Megan.

Examine Dandruff
Jerry: The dandruff came from Gordon McSteve. I've heard that name today, who is this guy?
Jerry: You're right, he's the security guard in Evergreen Paradise. He's very suspicious, why was his dandruff on the victim's clothes? Shall we ask him, <Name>?

Interrogate Gordon McSteve about the victim
Jerry: Mr McSteve, were you the one who called the police to report the dead body?
Gordon: Yes! A young boy came to me saying that he had seen a dead person in the amphitheatre so I called you. Commander Sanderson has already asked me about this.
Jerry: Who was the boy that discovered the corpse?
Gordon: I have no idea, I try to avoid interacting with the tenants and proprietors. I avoid their children even more.
Jerry: This is a photo of the dead boy. Do you know him?
Gordon: Hm... No. I told you I avoid talking to the children in this gated community.

Examine Scaffold
Jerry: Our vacuum cleaner always works! You found some grey dust on the scaffold, I feel I've seen this before. Let me smell...
Jerry: This is gunpowder, <Name>! It can't be a coincidence, someone must have fired a gun here. I'll take this sample to Kyle's lab.

Analyze Gunpowder
Kyle: Sorry for taking so long to analyze this. It's just that I got hyped and started doing lots and lots of research about this type of gunpowder.
Kyle: This is a kind of gunpowder used in firecrackers. I saw some photographs of the scaffold which were taken by some forensics experts and I can tell you something.
Jerry: Do I appear in any of those photos?
Kyle: Yes. I'm sure that in fact there were several firecrackers that hit the scaffold. I don't think it's just casual, the firecrackers caused the scaffold to fall.
Jerry: So they are the murder weapon! Cool, now this killer will be able to shoot fireworks in their prison cell only.

Examine Schoolbag
Jerry: The victim had his ID in this schoolbag, his name is Samuel Reece. Poor kid, this case is definitely tragic, <Name>. Who can we contact now?
Jerry: Samuel must have lived in Evergreen Paradise with his family. Let's ask the neigbours where the kid's relatives are, ok?

Tell Ronnie Reece about the victim's death
Jerry: Good morning, Mr Reece. We're Deputy Jerry and <Rank> <Name> from the Blue Coasts Police Department. We're here to tell you that Samuel Reece was found dead in the amphitheatre.
Ronnie: WHAT?! He's my son! Where is he? Wh-What happened to him?
Jerry: A scaffold fell over him, we think it may be an accident. Do you know why he was there?
Ronnie: He was preparing a play as a school project for Colombus Day. He was very enthusiastic about it and now no one will see him acting...
Ronnie: He was going to do it with his classmates, there is an actress who lives here that helped them write the play. They would go to her house everyday... and... I just can't...
Jerry: We're very sorry, Mr Reece. Would you mind telling us where that actress lives?
Ronnie: I'll write the adress for you in a note...

Investigate Rehearsal room
Jerry: There's nobody in this house, we're lucky to have this place's door open. I wonder who's the actress who lives here. It must be the woman in this picture.
Jerry: I mean, the house is full of photos of her. We need to see who she is, <Name>. And then we can also see what was on that faded paper sheet.

Examine Framed picture
Jerry: The actress who was helping Samuel with his play was Carmela Johnson, the owner and CEO of Columbia-Joy Studios! I didn't know she lived in this gated community.
Jerry (wondering): Well, being as rich as she is, she had to live in Evergreen Tops. Now, isn't she in MAFIA? We know that Clive Goldman wanted to give the Hiltons' money to her company.
Jerry: And a part of their heritage came to her gated community after all. <Name>, we have to talk to Carmela and ask her if she is in MAFIA or not.

Talk to Carmela Johnson about the case
Jerry: Good morning, Miss Johnson. It never rains but it pours.
Carmela: Of course it does, my very dear fellow. What do you need? Aren't you from the police?
Jerry: Yes, we are. Deputy Jerry and <Rank> <Name>. We found Samuel Reece dead in the amphitheatre this morning.
Carmela: What?! I've spent weeks helping those kids to prepare their play! Poor boy, how could he die?!
Carmela: Those children came to me because I'm the only actress in Evergreen Paradise. They needed to reenact the exploration of our continent for Colombus Day.
Carmela: We put a lot of effort for that play and now... He won't ever perform again!

Examine Faded paper
Jerry: This looks like a draft of the amphitheatre. It's a kind of scheme with all the things they needed for the play drawn here. It has so many notes.
Jerry: Here it says "no visitors allowed in the amphitheatre before 1 pm". Gated communities always have so many regulations for everything.
Jerry: Well, Samuel died this morning so if visits can't enter the crime scene, the killer is someone from Evergreen Paradise!

Later, at the headquarters...

Jerry: This case is very sad. Someone caused the death of Samuel Reece, a young teenager who was going to act in a play for Colombus Day in Evergreen Paradise, his gated community.
Jerry: The killer is from that gated community too, and the three suspects are. I'll add it to their profiles. We also know now for sure that Carmela Johnson is MAFIA.
Jerry: Hey, Chief! If somebody replies to the MAFIA password, can we arrest them?
George: No, legally it's not a proof of their criminal activity. Besides, we don't know yet how dangerous they are. Just don't say that password to many people, guys.
George: If they think you're in MAFIA too, they may eventually ask for your help in a robbery or whatever they do.
Jerry: You're right... Oh, we've got an incoming call! I'll pick up. Blue Coasts Police-
Everett: Bryar, the security guard showed me the boy who discovered the body but he ran away and I lost him!

Chapter 2

Jerry: Blue Coasts Police-
Everett: Bryar, the security guard showed me the boy who discovered the body but he ran away and I lost him!
Jerry: What is he like? Can you describe him?
Everett: He has black wavy hair, he must be around 12 years old, his nose is long and wide, and his lips are thin.
Jerry: Thanks very much! We'll try to find someone like him in the gated community's database. Can you do it, <Name>?

Examine Witness description
Jerry: The boy who discovered Samuel's corpse is Joey Appleton. Hm, I don't like that last name. He must be Montgomery's grandson or something like that. Let me check.
Jerry: He's his son?! Wow, I would've never imagined Montgomery had a son this young! We must talk to Joey now.

Take Joey Appleton's testimony
Jerry: Joey, we're here to ask you about the dead body you found this morning. We're the police.
Joey: It was Samuel... We were going to act in a play today for Colombus Day. I went to the amphitheatre and...
Joey: I had just gotten the rehearsal time wrong! I went and saw the whole stage destroyed. Under the scaffold, I saw a person and it was Samuel!
Joey: I tried to help him but nothing worked. Now I only want to be alone, please, don't take it as something rude.
Jerry: We understand how you feel, Joey. Before we leave, is there anything that could help us find the person who did this?
Joey: Now you say it... YES! My mother left a video camera near our window to see if our dog is the one who eats her garden's flowers. The amphitheatre is visible from our porch!
Joey: I just don't remember very well near WHICH window the camera is...
Jerry: We'll look for it, you can go. Thanks for helping us, buddy!

Investigate Appleton Residence
Jerry: Haha, we found the camera! I mean, you did, <Name>. Now we'll be able to see if their dog is the vandal eating the flowers in Alicia's garden.
Jerry: Of course, after you unlock it.

Examine Video camera
Jerry: I don't know why every device needs a password but I'm glad you know how to unlock them. I'll take this to Thomas' room, maybe there's a clue here.

Analyze Video camera
Thomas: It was very boring to see a dog eating flowers at first, until I noticed the amphitheatre on the background.
Jerry: I knew it was the dog! And what did you see, Thomas?
Thomas (sad): First, I saw Samuel walking by the dog wearing his cherokee clothes. Poor kid, he had no idea that a scaffold was about to fall over him.
Thomas: Then, in the distance, you can see the head of a person in the amphitheatre and then BOOM! The firecrackers explode and the stage falls on the victim.
Jerry: It's a shame that the person can't be seen clearly.
Thomas: No, but at least we know they have short hair!
Jerry: That is a bit of progress, I think. Maybe we can find more clues in Carmela's house, where the victim used to spend a lot of time rehearsing.

Investigate Studio dashboard
Jerry: There are firecrackers in this room! Those could be the murder weapon that caused the scaffold to fall down. If we examine the packet, we'll know who used them.
Jerry: You want to restore that torn note as well. And a faded notebook... Hm, it's up to you, <Name>.

Examine Packet of firecrackers
Jerry: The colored powder from these firecrackers might help us see who's used them. I'll give the sample to Kyle, he'll get better results than us.

Analyze Colored powder
Kyle: This powder is in fact strontium and copper, <Name>. Together, they are used to make purple explosions with firecrackers. Have you ever seen purple fireworks, Jerry?
Jerry: Now that you mention it, no.
Kyle: That's because there are practically no strontium or copper mines in our region. Therefore, we're used to those white, green, and yellow fireworks.
Kyle: These are made by a company called Fireboom and since we don't have these minerals, they are very expensive, it's a limited edition. Thomas did his hacker magic too...
Kyle: He told me that these were sold to Carmela Johnson by the company CEO himself, Ned Stephenson.
Jerry: We have absolutely no clues in this case so maybe we could have a chat with Fireboom's CEO.

See if Ned Stephenson has anything to say
Ned: What do you want?
Jerry: We are <Rank> <Name> and Deputy Jerry. We know you sold a limited edition of purple firecrackers to Carmela Johnson. Did she say what they were for?
Ned: Why are you asking me about that?
Jerry: Those firecrackers were used to kill a child, and Carmela is a suspect.
Ned: She just said they were decorations for an event, nothing else. Sorry for not being useful to you.

Examine Torn note
Jerry: Now you've restored that note, we'll know why they tore it up. It says "you'll have to cancel the play!" and it's signed by Ronnie.
Jerry: That's the name of the victim's father! Why would he want to call the play off? I'm not saying he did something bad to his son to have the play cancelled but we have to ask him.

Ask Ronnie Reece about the play
Jerry: We know you're still hurt, Mr Reece, but we found this note you wrote and we must know what you meant.
Ronnie: I asked Carmela to cancel the play because it was consuming Samuel's life! She made him obsessed with it and he spent all day rehearsing and talking about the play!
Jerry: Are you sure that's all? It just seems he wanted to put on a good show.
Ronnie: No, he reached an unhealthy extent, he was even skipping meals to practise. He made me buy some firecrackers for the stage decorations as well.
Jerry: And what were you capable of doing to have your normal child back? Did you boycott their play?
Ronnie: Are you saying I killed my son?! I would have never hurt him!
Jerry: If you caused any riot at the stage that could have caused Samuel's death, please confess and we'll find a way out.

Examine Faded notebook
Jerry: The notebook's cover says "Conquest of America - A play written by" and then someone crossed Carmela Johnson's name out and wrote "Samuel Reece" instead.
Jerry: So this is the play script, but who listed Samuel as the playwright and why? If we ask Carmela about this, we may get more info about the play.

Talk to Carmela Johnson about the script
Jerry: Carmela, we saw this note on the play's script. What does it mean?
Carmela: That kid, Samuel, he did it! He was always making stupid suggestions and adding boring dialogues and creating useless characters. He thought HE was the star!
Carmela: I had to set limits. I am the one who has the big ideas, and he just had to act what I wrote.
Jerry: He didn't let you work, in other words. How far did you set those limits, Carmela?
Carmela: Not beyond death. Kids are not worth my time, I had to let it go. Now I wonder what I'll do with those firecrackers if the play won't take place. He even wanted those plain decorations, my gosh...

At the police station....

Jerry: Well, this case is depressing and also difficult. We talked to lots of people and we don't know what happened to Samuel.
Jerry: His father and Carmela were both fed up with the play, though I don't think they'd go and bring the scaffold down. I just hope this case is an accident.
Thomas: Hey, sorry... Maybe you'll get tired of hearing this but... we're being hacked again.

Chapter 3

Thomas: I swear it's true, someone is hacking us! I'm sure it's not Gary Perkins this time because this person looks like... like they don't know very well how to do this.
Thomas: That's why I was able to notice them, and it's very similar to the method that Montgomery used to hack us two years ago!
Jerry: Do you think Montgomery Appleton is hacking the police again? <Name>, why don't we take a look at his house again? Our security is being threatened.

Investigate Living room
Jerry: Ok, everything can be a clue now. That mobile phone is surely one. I heard you can hack someone with only your cellphone, so unlock it and see whose it is.
Jerry: There's also a bullet shell inside the house?! What does it mean? And look, this symbol engraved here means it was fired by a gun of Blue Coasts' police!
Jerry: We have to examine that asap, and let's also take a look inside that vase. It seems they keep many things in it.

Examine Mobile phone
Jerry: It seems this cellphone belongs to Joey. I wonder why nobody seems to be in this house at the moment. I'll take a look at his messages.
Jerry: <Name>, he sent one to "dad" around an hour ago! It says "dad, Samuel is dead, I found his body on stage! two police officers are already here investigating this" and a depressed emoji.
Jerry: Montgomery hasn't replied yet, by the way it's a good chance to save his phone number. We came here looking for him and we've heard nothing about him. Let's go ask his son.

Ask Joey Appleton about his father
Jerry: Joey, where are your parents? We've only seen you in this house and that dog too, but no parents.
Joey: They are on holidays, they went to High Meadows, it's very near Blue Coasts but far from Evergreen Tops.
Jerry: And they've left you home alone?!
Joey: Yes, why not? If I need anything, I can call the neighbours or the security guard. I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the common room's restaurant.
Joey: We live in a gated community, I'm safe here. The only thing I have to do is taking the bus to school. I wonder if they'll give us a free day because of Samuel's death.
Joey: I was really waiting for the moment to lit the firecrackers when the play finished and now he's dead...

Examine Bullet shell
Jerry: What's that sample you collected from the bullet shell? Hm, yes, I'd recognize that smell anywhere. It's gun cleaner, I know it for sure because my father used to clean his gun everyday.
Jerry: My father's story is... a bit complicated. Since we know that bullet came from a police weapon, maybe we could give it to Hans, or Kyle since he knows more about science.
Jerry: It's a coin toss. Heads is Hans and tails is Kyle. And it's...
Jerry: Heads!

Analyze Gun cleaner sample
Hans: I needed a lot of help from Kyle to do this. I didn't know he was so... happy. I hadn't talked to him for years.
Kyle: I didn't know you were so sad either, but I wasn't surprised. I had to identify the gun cleaner's brand and lot number. Thank God every lot is different.
Kyle: Then I passed the info on to Hans. You tell them.
Jerry: Were you able to identify the one who shot that bullet?
Hans: I wouldn't be telling you all of this if the final answer was "I don't know". That lot was bought by our police department and it was assigned as work material to a certain squad.
Hans: The one who shot that bullet, and dropped the bullet shell you found, could be any of the officers in that squad.
Hans: What called my attention is that one of them left the police two weeks ago and now he's involved in your investigation. His name is Gordon McSteve.
Hans: The head of his squad allowed him to keep his police gun. Isn't that weird even for you, Bryan?
Jerry: I don't know if weird is the word but he fired a gun in Montgomery's house! He's got to explain that.

Tell Gordon McSteve to give explanations
Jerry: Gordon, why did you fire your police gun inside Montgomery Appleton's house?!
Gordon: WHAT?! Oh my God, don't tell me the dead boy was killed by that bullet!!!
Jerry: No, it's not that.
Gordon: Phew, that was a relief. Mr Appleton called me because he thought there was a burglar in his backyard, and well, I'm the security guard.
Gordon: I accidentally shot my gun but the bullet only hit their fireplace. For a second, you made me think there was a kid inside their chimney.
Jerry: Besides, we still don't know why we found your dandruff on the victim's clothes.
Gordon: The laundry carts are checked by me, maybe it was in that moment when my dandruff fell on them.
Gordon: I've told you, I try to avoid kids. I only talked to some boy who asked me to lit some firecrackers for their play this morning but nothing else.

Examine Vase
Jerry: You found a ticket inside that vase, and it's a ticket for the victim's play! What are these drawings it has?
Jerry: Well, Annabelle is the one who takes care of things we don't understand!

Analyze Ticket
Jerry: Hi, Anna! What can you tell us about the drawings on the ticket?
Annabelle: I can tell it was more of a job for Thomas. I can say that this person probably cares too much about their job. They were not at work but had their mind on it.
Annabelle: They couldn't wait to get to their office and had to do this on the first piece of paper they saw.
Jerry: So those drawings are business-related.
Annabelle: Yes, it's called growth-share matrix. Thomas helped me identify which business units these are according to this person's notes.
Annabelle: It's most probably Fireboom, a company dedicated to firecrackers-
Jerry: Ned Stephenson bought a ticket for the play? And he was at Montgomery's house?! I want to talk to this guy again.

Clear things up with Ned Stephenson
Jerry: Mr Stephenson, did you buy a ticket for a children's play in Evergreen Paradise?
Ned: Yes, I did. Montgomery Appleton's son sold it to me, he's in the cast. I just did it to help the kids, I'm not interested in attending the show at all.
Jerry: Is Mr Appleton a friend of yours?
Ned: We're just businessmen, that's it. I'm not involved in your case, <Rank> <Name>. Tell Deputy Jerry to leave, please.

Back at the police station...

Jerry: We didn't find out much about this hack but Montgomery hacked us right after his son told him the police was around. Why is he interested in knowing what we do?
Jerry: I'm worried because he's not in MAFIA. What does he want from us?
Thomas (shocked): We're in trouble! I can't hack Montgomery back! I can't cut his connection to our network! Where did he hire those hackers?!
Jerry (sweating): <Name>, we're leaving! Let's go to the crime scene again and um, look for more evidence.
Thomas: I'll find this hacker, Jerry! I'll find them!

Investigate Stage entrance
Jerry: Tell me we have new clues now, I want to put an end to this investigation as soon as possible. You picked up a matchstick... It's been used.
Jerry: Maybe it was used to light up a firecracker. I'll bring you the vacuum to take a sample of the substances on it. There are also some broken white pieces.
Jerry: I can help you restore them to see what they make up.

Examine Matchstick
Jerry: I see you found some dust on the matchstick, <Name>. I'll set the lab stuff for you to examine the substance!

Examine Dust
Jerry: Those molecules were gunpowder, strontium, and copper. I still remember what Kyle told us, it's from the purple firecrackers that Carmela bought from Ned.
Jerry: If the killer used them for those fireworks, we have to give this matchstick to Kyle.

Analyze Matchstick
Kyle: This one was really hard, <Name>. I looked for something on that matchstick for hours and there was nothing to be found.
Jerry: So we can't arrest the killer yet.
Kyle: Nah, I did find something in the end. Traces of sweat and saliva. They don't come from Samuel but they are surely from someone who is under 30 years old.
Jerry: I hope that helps! I'll add it to the killer's profile, <Name>.

Examine White pieces
Jerry: That was a surveillance camera, <Name>! If it caught the moment of Samuel's death, this is very important. I'll tell Thomas to see if it's still useful.
Jerry: I'm sure it got broken when the scaffold fell, but this killer won't stop us!

Analyze Surveillance camera
Jerry: I know Montgomery is hacking us, but focus on this case now, Thomas.
Thomas: Of course I know how to do my job, Jerry. I could see the moments right before the scaffold fell down and I saw someone with a firecracker in their hands.
Thomas: Their face can't be seen completely but I'm sure I saw their stubble, <Name>.
Jerry: I hope they don't shave until we arrest them, <Name>.

Right after that...

Jerry: We've got more evidence now, <Name>. Do you know if it's enough to be sure about who the killer is?
Jerry: Yes?! Well, let's go and arrest this person then! Samuel deserves justice for what they did to him.

Arrest killer
Jerry: You're under arrest for the death of Samuel Reece, Gordon McSteve!
Gordon: Me?! I told you I didn't shoot anybody in Mr Appleton's house.
Jerry: Not that. You lit firecrackers in the amphitheatre and they caused the scaffold to fall on a child! Why did you do that?
Gordon: The kids told me I had to do it at seven o'clock and I just did it! I didn't see the scaffold falling, I swear! I heard something though...
Gordon: But I thought it was only the fireworks exploding... Don't tell me I killed a little boy!
Jerry: You did, Gordon. It was seven o'clock in the afternoon, when the play was going to finish.
Gordon: Sh*t, what have I done?!

The morning after...

Peggy: Good morning, everyone. Mr McSteve, you're here to be tried for the death of Samuel Reece, a little child! Your lawyer made me wake up early to read the report.
Gordon: I plead guilty, your Honor, but I promise it was just a tragic accident! This lady knows it's true, right?
Annabelle: It's clearly not a murder. He has no idea of what happened after he left the amphitheatre and he shoved authentic signs of remorse and regret.
Annabelle: This is a very sad case, Judge Jasmine, and the saddest person here is Mr McSteve.
Ronnie (crying desperately): WHAT DID YOU DO, YOU ANIMAL?! YOU KILLED MY SON!
Peggy: Mr Reece, please, be quiet. We're here to bring a solution-
Gordon: No, he's right. No solution will bring his child back, your Honor. I'm sh*t.
Peggy: Gordon McSteve, for involuntary manslaughter and negligence, you're sentenced to 2 years in prison with parole in 6 months. Court dismissed.
Ronnie: 2 years?! Samuel won't be back in the next two years!!!

Jerry: <Name>, I was about to cry. It's obvious that Ronnie's life won't be easy now. I feel terrible just looking at him.
Jerry: We did everything we could, didn't we? We struggled to find the boy's killer and took him to justice, you're right. Our minds have no burden to carry from this.
Jerry: If only... Oh, my police radio is ringing. Who could it be? Here Bryar five-two-six, go on.
Everett: Here Sanderson, Commander Sanderson. In need of reinforcement at Evergreen Paradise. Over.
Jerry: We're sending elements now! Situation? Over.
Everett: Horde, vandalism and thievery, private property trespassing. Need reinforcement urgently. Over and out.

Mobsters and hackers 3

George: What happens, <Name>? Are you leaving again?
Jerry: Yes, we just came to pick James up. Everett called saying a group of people entered the gated community and they're vandalizing the houses as well as stealing from them.
George: Oh, that's not good. Make sure to find what Vaninna sent to Montgomery's house!
James: Let's leave now, guys, come on!

At Evergreen Paradise...

Everett: Here you are! The criminals escaped and they're already being chased by other officers. You should try to control the situation inside.
James: What houses have been burgled, Commander Everett?
Everett: I've only had a report of missing things from the boy who reported yesterday's case, Joey Appleton.
James: I'll look for him! Maybe you can help me if you've already met him, <Name>.
Jerry: I'll go and see how Ronnie is. After his son's death and now this, he must be devastated. You can come later if you want, <Name>!

Get the report from Joey Appleton
Joey (desperate): Oh my God, <Rank> <Name>! The vandals came here and they made a mess! I thought they were going to kill me!
James: We know you're scared, Joey, but I also know that you've been very brave to stay here. What did those criminals steal from your house?
Joey: They bit chunks of every food we had and they kept rummaging through the whole place. They stayed most of the time in the living room.
Joey: They had an orange box when they left. I thought they'd steal my outfit for the play but what can I do with it now anyway? Do you like it, <Name>?

James: <Name>, the orange box that Joey mentioned may be what we're looking for. Mail in Blue Coasts comes shipped in orange boxes, except for letters, of course.
James: Let's see if they left any clue in the living room where they were.

Investigate Living room
James: I've seen many cases like this one, <Name>. Burglars often have a snack whilst stealing. Anyway, these vandals ate like neandertals. This is disgusting.
James: Well, let's try to find something among this mess.

Examine Heap of food
James (puzzled): Vandals are so nasty. They left a- What?! Why is there a white rose here?! And where are its thorns?
James: Wow, I won't make assumptions. I'll give this thing to Annabelle.

Analyze White rose
James: Hi, Bella! What can you tell us about that white and unthorned rose?
Annabelle: You still call me Bella, huh? I did a lot of research and I discovered that white unthorned roses were left behind after a few robberies in Blue Coasts.
Annabelle: That's not all, people like Clive Goldman, Nevada Hill, Takeshi Meuro, Carmela Johnson and Bella Matthews were suspected of those crimes. Hans helped me there.
Annabelle: As you may notice, <Name>, all of them are MAFIA agents. It seems to be some kind of code. Maybe it's a reference to the anti-nazi White Rose Society.
Annabelle: In popular culture, white roses also represent formality, purity, and innocence.
James: MAFIA is not either pure or innocent! And if MAFIA has that orange box we need to find, we have to do something. Montgomery was lucky to be away from home when-
James: Wait, what if that was not a coincidence? Would he expose his son to the vandals? <Name>, I think he's already back at Blue Coasts. We have to talk to him!

Interrogate Montgomery Appleton about the vandals
Montgomery: I'm busy, <Rank> <Name>. I've just got home and some burglars caused a disaster here!
James: You were very lucky to be away when they came, Mr Appleton. They stole an orange box from your living room, we hope it was not anything important.
Montgomery: I don't remember, it could have been anything.
James: Isn't it something that Vaninna Ballaffinte sent to you from the Hilton & Hilton Club.
Montgomery: Yes, it was. A pair of tennis rackets and a tennis ball. Nothing to worry about.
Montgomery: If you're done, you can take some of the food that the vandals left. Thanks for your help.

James: He won't tell us the truth, <Name>! Why would MAFIA want that orange box? We have to think.
James: Well, we know that Carmela Johnson is part of MAFIA as well. Who told us she didn't participate in the vandalism acts this morning? Let's go to her house!

Investigate Rehearsal room
James: Judging by the outside look of Carmela's house, I'd say it was vandalized as well, but inside everything looks normal! There's even a crowbar here, something a burglar would use.
James: They vandalized it on the outside probably to make it look like it was another target but they didn't even enter the house because she's a MAFIA fellow member. It was clearly not Montgomery's case.
James: The crowbar has something green on it. Can you use our vacuum to collect it, <Name>?

Examine Crowbar
James: Fantastic! This green substance seems to come from some plant, it looks like very little leaves. There weren't plants like this in any of the houses I saw.
James: I know who we can give this to! We hired an expert in wildlife and botany from The Gambia. He's hardly ever in our HQ but I'll call him. I don't remember his name but we call him Austin Jaguar!

Analyze Leaves
Ousman: Who is this, James?
James: It's <Name>, a <Rank> that joined our team last month. <Name> comes from Townville and came here for an investigation.
Ousman: Nobody told me about a new member in our troop.
James: Because you are never in the headquarters...
Ousman: Whatever, my name is Ousman Jawo. If you have troubles pronnouncing that, you can call me Austin Jaguar like the rest. I took a look at the leaves you brought me.
Ousman: With a microscope, my wonderful book, help from Kyle, and the Internet, I've found the plant you were looking for! It is a scirpus tabermontanii.
James: What does that mean?
Ousman: It grows mostly in a zone near here, the Evergreen Wetlands.
James: So the MAFIA vandals came from the wetlands. <Name>, why don't we ask Carmela if she knows anything about it?

Ask Carmela Johnson about the vandals
James: Miss Johnson, have you heard about the vandals and burglars who have been wreaking havoc in Evergreen Paradise all morning?
Carmela: The community administrator told me about it but I was relaxing in my jacuzzi. Why do you ask?
James: We ask questions, not you. What do you know about the Evergreen Wetlands?
Carmela: The wetlands? I'm going to film a movie soon but it's in the Evergreen Forest, not the wetlands. I hate that place, full of swamps and mosquitoes and farmers.
James: Here it goes again. What do you know about the wetlands?
Carmela: It never rains but it pours.
James: My God... Of course it does, my very dear fellow.
Carmela: There is a MAFIA squad hiding in the wetlands. They keep important things there and that squad makes sure nobody steals them. You didn't hear it from me.

Check up on Ronnie Reece
Jerry: Do you want more coffee, Mr Reece? Oh, <Name>, you came.
Ronnie (empty inside): Hello, <Rank> <Name>... Did you come for the vandals too?
Jerry: We could get more info about them if you told us what you saw, Mr Reece.
Ronnie: Why should I co-operate? I don't have faith on justice anymore.
Jerry: That's not our fault. We worked hard to arrest McSteve and you know it. We'll work hard to arrest the vandals too.
Ronnie: Whatever. I was taking pictures of the sunrise because Samuel loved getting up early to see the sunrise. And I saw someone running by...
Ronnie: I caught the vandal in a photo but it's very blurry. You can see it if you want but... Oh my... Oh, sorry. I just...
Ronnie (crying): I've missed Samuel a lot this morning and I just... Excuse me... I'll go to the toilet...!
Jerry: Poor guy... <Name>, it seems we'll have to find the photo for ourselves. Can you unlock Ronnie's mobile? He left it here.

Examine Mobile phone
Jerry: Cool! Ronnie said the photo was blurry, so I don't think we'll get much from it. I'll give this phone to Thomas and we'll ask him what he found later.

Analyze Mobile phone
Thomas: This phone is so overprotected! Ronnie installed three security apps so entering his gallery took hours! I decided to hack it and an antivirus detected me as a threat.
Thomas: It even took five selfies of me! I look enraged in the last two.
Jerry: Yeah, but what about the photo?
Thomas: I've just been able to view his images. Here it is, I don't know anything about it yet.
Jerry: My God, Thomas. <Name>, do you think you can try to find this vandal in our database?

Examine Vandal's picture
Jerry: This person is Martin Jenkins?! <Name>, he's the one who ordered the murders of Mark Hilton and Clive Goldman! And now he came with other MAFIA members as vandals and burglars.
Jerry: In the photo he's seen running towards the right from Ronnie's window. That's in the direction of the amphitheatre where Samuel died. Could he have gone there to hide?
Jerry: We can check the place just in case, right? Let's go!

Investigate Celebrations amphitheatre
Jerry: What are these gray pieces, <Name>? They weren't here yesterday, so maybe one of the vandals left this here. Can you restore them?

Examine Gray pieces
Jerry: <Name>, this is a badge from our police department! Was one of the vandals a police officer? Hm, I don't like betrayal and I think someone betrayed us here!
Jerry: I'll give this to Hans to see who has done such a thing!

Analyze Police badge
Hans: I'm really mad about this! Listen, this police badge belongs to your father, Homer Bryar!
Jerry: What?! Homer is in MAFIA? I don't know what else to expect from that guy!
Hans: No, Bryar. When your father left the police, his badge stayed here. He can't keep it, he's not allowed to, because he could easily pretend to be still an officer with it.
Hans: When Homer left the force, we were already in Evergreen Tops, so his badge was in this building! Someone in this team stole it and gave it to MAFIA!
Jerry: WHAT THE HECK?! Our team is helping a criminal organization?!
Hans: Yes. With a police badge, the gated community's security would let them in. And we all know who this double agent is, right?
Hans: It's you, <Rank> <Name>! You suddenly appeared here with that Townville tale and right after you come, something like this happens! I'm not getting fooled!
Jerry: Hans, stop there. <Name> arrested two MAFIA killers! You can't say someone is a mobster because you don't know them well yet.
Hans: I'm not stupid. I'll keep an eye on you, <Rank> <Name>.

Later on...

James: We have good news, team! There is a special squad of MAFIA hiding in the wetlands to take care of their important stuff! Maybe something from Vaninna's mail is there!
Jerry: There's something worse going on. Someone from our team helped the MAFIA vandals get into Evergreen Paradise.
James: EH?! My God, who could do such a thing?
Jerry: Hans is blaming <Name>, but I don't think <Name> could have done that. I'm sure it's not me at least.
George: That mole will appear sooner or later, don't worry. Now we know about one of MAFIA's hideouts, I'll send you there tomorrow to set a trap. We have to make them stop!

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