Connor Sullivan
Biographical information
Full name Connor Sullivan
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Birth 1976
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Scout
Partner(s) Unnamed wife
Game information
First appeared Case #34 At the Drop of a Hat
Connor Sullivan was the killer of witch Melania Alvarez in At the Drop of a Hat (Case #34 of Laroy Bay)


Connor is the chief of Laroy Bay scouts. He has black hair, brown eyes, and a short mustache. He wears a standard scout leader outfit consisting of a green scout uniform, a hat folded over, and a red ascot with a blue badge above his left shirt pocket that reads "SCOUT MASTER".

Age 42
Height 6'1''
Weight 225lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type AB-

At the Drop of a Hat

Connor was interrogated after he called the cops to inform them about a murder.He said that he and his scouts were on a trip when they heard a gunshot.When they checked her cave,she was dead.

Connor was spoken to again after his cellphone was found in Melania's desk.He said that she was crazy and that she wanted to make them leave her forest.So one night,she stole their phones.

The killer is revealed to be scoutmaster Connor.

Connor said that Melania was constantly scaring his scouts by casting spells on them only because he knew her from her younger days when she was still a kid,and he knew exact reason why she ran away from home and became a witch.Appearently,her father abused her mother and her younger sister.Since she didn't want to become his next victim,she escaped and decided to never return.Only Connor knew that and that drove her crazy.Because that was the reason why was she ruining Connor's camps and life,he sneaked in her cave with a gun and shot her in the head while she was sleeping.When team asked him why he tried to shot them,he didn't know anything about it.Judge Eva Rose sentenced him to 25 years in prison.

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