Connie Weber
Biographical information
Full name Connie Weber
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 1989
Death 2018
Cause of death Burning
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Family Michelle Weber -(older twin sister)
Partner(s) Ognen Radionov -(boyfriend;Incarcerated)
Affiliation(s) The Venom-(formerly)
Game information
First appeared Case #1 Welcome To Laroy Bay
Connie Weber (1989-2018) was the victim in Welcome To Laroy Bay (Case #1 of Laroy Bay)


Connie was 29 year old young lady.She has bob red hair with orange highlights and green eyes.She weard same fancy blue dress like her twin sister Michelle.

Murder Details

Connie was found burned alive by burning tree branch near children's playground.Megan confirmed that she was still alive while she was burning to death.She also found traces of champagne on victim.Since Connie didn't had any champagne in her blood,Megan confirmed that the killer drinks champagne.

Killer and motives

The Killer turned out to be local boutique owner Daniella Morales.After denying involvement, Daniella admitted she killed Connie.Daniella said that she was planning to kill victim's twin sister Michelle Weber,because Michelle caught Daniella and her husband having an affair in her bed.Daniella could not let her reputation fall and she planned to burn Michelle to death so Daniella's family don't find out that she was cheating on her husband.Daniella was crying because she killed innocent Connie.Judge sentenced her to 22 years in prison.

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