I trust that each and every one of you will make our city proud.
—Connie Tolentino

Connie Tolentino is the chief of the Rocksfellow Police Department (RFPD).


53 years old, Connie sports messy blond hair. She wears standard police chief uniform: a deep blue coat, stars on the shoulders, some pockets, and a deep blue office skirt. She also wears a light green shirt underneath her coat. She sports a light amount of red lipstick and blue eyeliner, all while wearing a gold necklace.

She is known to be light-hearted but also disciplined. She is stubborn to the people she does not trust, and is not afraid to get her hands dirty.

Notable Events

She was the first police member the player encounters in New Kid in Town. Wanting to assist the new recruit, she gladly took care of gathering and identifying the suspects for the player to arrest.

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