Country Flag of United States United States
Districts 10
Primary LEA Concordian Flying Squad
Key city figures Arthur Wright (chief of police)
Appears in Criminal Case

Concordia is a major city in the U.S, and the main setting for The Mystery Continues, a solo season of Criminal Case.

Composed of ten districts, Concordia is a booming Victorian city of innovation and new beginnings in the late 19th century. The Concordian Flying Squad is the featured law enforcement agency that serves the city.


Concordia features a total of sixty cases, which are located across ten different districts:

Wolf Street

Wolf Street is the first district of Concordia. Based on Wall Street, the financial district of Concordia focuses on the player arriving in Concordia and joining the Flying Squad. It also focuses on a sinister figure who broke into the vaults of prestigious members of high society five years ago and starts to do so again. It also focuses on Samuel's connections to the robberies.

Cases #1-#6 are located here.

Crimson Banks

Crimson Banks is the second district of Concordia. A commercial hub of the city, Crimson Banks is home to the Italian and Irish communities that coexist in peacefully. The district focuses on the Silent Stalker, a threatening figure killing Irish and Italian gang members in order to reignite the feud between the two communities. It also revolves around Giulietta's past with the Italian gang.

Cases #7-#12 are located here.

Coyote Gorge

Coyote Gorge is the third district of Concordia. Located in "the wild east," the district hosts cowboys, ghost towns, gold mines, and the infamous Stonewall Prison. It focuses on the aftermath of a devastating earthquake along with the disappearances of multiple locals believed to have been taken by a vicious monster of legend who escaped from it's cavern in the mountains during the earthquake. It also involves Maddie's strained relationship with her father.

Cases #13-#18 are located here.

Sinner's End

Sinner's End is the fourth district of Concordia. It is a seedy district of prostitutes, gamblers, alcoholics which focuses on a mysterious cult known as "The Crimson Cloaks" who worship the late serial killer, Fiona Flanagan, and vow to complete her mission.

Cases #19-#24 are located here.

Capitol Peak

Capitol Peak is the fifth district of Concordia. The district is the heart of Concordia, with many factories and businesses setting up shop in the area...

Cases #25-#30 are located here.

Grim Chapel

Grim Chapel is the sixth district of Concordia. Known as a "ghastly district" of asylums and the supernatural...

Cases #31-#36 are located here.

Ivory Hill

Ivory Hill is the seventh district of Concordia. The political heart of the city...

Cases #37-#42 are located here.

Century Mile

Century Mile is the eighth district of Concordia. A district boasting architectural and technological advancements and innovations....

Cases #43-#48 are located here.

Elysium Fields

Elysium Fields is the ninth district of Concordia...

Cases #49-#54 are located here.

New Haven

Based on 1900s New York, New Haven is the tenth and final district investigated in Concordia...

Cases #55-#60 are located here.

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