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Founder Unknown
Established Unknown
Country Flag of United States United States of America
Inhabitants Americans
Districts 10
Primary LEA Concordian Bureau of Security
Key city figures Hunter Lane (Chief of Police)
Appears in Criminal Case

Concordia is the city appearing as the main setting for Mysteries of the Past.

Located in the United States, Concordia is a booming Victorian city of innovation and new beginnings in the late 19th century, despite the presence of feuding gangs and a corrupt police force. A total of sixty cases are situated across the city, which is composed of ten districts.

The Concordian Bureau of Security is the featured law enforcement agency that serves the city of Concordia.


The city of Concordia features ten different districts, each with unique scenery and composition. These upcoming districts include New Haven, Elysium Fields, Century Mile, Sinner's End, Coyote Gorge, Crimson Banks, Grim Chapel, Wolf Street, Capitol Peak, and Cambridge Cruise.

New Haven

Case # Case Name Creator
#1 Follow the Bleeder Tutti
#2 Beyond the Veil Alex
#3 N/A TBA
#4 N/A TBA
#5 N/A TBA
#6 N/A TBA
#7 N/A TBA
#8 N/A TBA
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