Commercial Area is the second district in Townville to be investigated by the player in PetersCorporal's fangame. It contains eleven cases, as well as every other district in Townville. After this district is finished, the player will head Downtown.

The main themes in this district are Green Year Parade, the activists and Gary Perkins.


Case #12, Bake My Body:

Bake My Body

  • Victim: Stephen Xaint
  • Weapon: Scalpel
  • Killer: Clèment Ouleaunge
Case #13, End Of The Flight:

End Of The Flight

  • Victim: Uriel Valster
  • Weapon: Wrench
  • Killer: Mark Neil
Case #14, The Corpse Which Smelled Right:

The Corpse Which Smelled Right

  • Victim: Herman Yoth
  • Weapon: Cash register
  • Killer: Valerie Bade
Case #15, Jewels Of Death:

Jewels Of Death

  • Victim: Laurean Ohdie
  • Weapon: Gemstone
  • Killer: Wade Naff
Case #16, Evil Dinner:

Evil Dinner

  • Victim: Joey Carel
  • Weapon: Secateurs
  • Killer: Nadine Victoria
Case #17, Dead End:

Dead End

  • Victim: Jared Mangrim
  • Weapon: Rampuri knife
  • Killer: Albert Korfberg
Case #18, Buried With Roses:

Buried With Roses

  • Victim: Ashton Fox
  • Weapon: Asphyxiation
  • Killer: Lila Uliana
Case #19, Purchase A Murder:

Purchase A Murder

  • Victim: Yale Williams
  • Weapon: 9mm
  • Killer: Ignace Sount

Case #20, Souvenirs For A Grave:

  • Victim: Zoe Jeke
  • Weapon: Nail
  • Killer: Brenda Paradis

Case #21, Rocky Knife:

  • Victim: Walter Sandman
  • Weapon: Knife
  • Killer: Brendon Bourbon

Case #22, Sweep The Eyes:

  • Victim: Carlton Klovan
  • Weapon: Broom
  • Killer: Chandler Beemie

Souvenirs For A Grave


Rocky Knife


Sweep The Eyes




Police Dogs Shop

To unlock the police dogs shop in the Commercial Area, the player has to earn 13 gold medals first. The available dogs in this shop are the next:

Dog Cost Output
Poodle 200,000 coins

1,500 coins (Tiny)

1 lucky card (Very tiny)

Bulldog 220,000 coins

1,500 coins (Very tiny)

150 XP (Small)

Old English Sheepdog (Premium) 350 cash

1,600 coins (Tiny)

15 Energy (Small)

Level Hearts required Stats increase
Level 2 40 Hearts Skill 1: +1 bar
Level 3 160 Hearts Skill 2: +1 bar
Level 4 480 Hearts Skill 1: +2 bars
Level 5 960 Hearts

Skill 1: +2 bars

Skill 2: +1 bar

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