Colleen Fitzgerald
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Biographical information
Full name Colleen Fitzgerald
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Cause of death Crushing
Nationality IrelandUnited States of America Irish-American
Residence Pinefield, U.S.
Family Sheila Fitzgerald (sister; incarcerated)
Unnamed husband †
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #2: A Heart of Gold (s1)

Colleen Fitzgerald was the victim in A Heart of Gold (Case #2 of Pinefield).


Colleen was an illegal Irish immigrant who married her way into wealth. She had blonde hair and green eyes. At the time of her death, she donned a red dress with a brown belt in the waist area and a ruby necklace.

Murder Details

Colleen was found in the middle of Main Street with her heart replaced with a gold bar. Ina confirmed that the killer used the pot of gold next to Colleen's body to crush her to death. Afterwards, they used a sharp blade to cut into Colleen's chest and ripped her heart in order to replace it with a gold bar. The burn marks on Colleen's chest led Ina to believe the killer used a cigarette to torture her before crushing her, proving that Colleen's killer smoked cigarettes.

Killer and Motives

After confirming the murder weapon to be a pot of gold and gathering enough evidence, the team incriminated Aidan Kavanagh to be the killer. Once Violet had provided all the evidence in front of him, Aidan admitted his sadistic crime and revealed that Colleen married her way into wealth and the United States. Following Colleen's husband's death, she lost her identity as an Irish woman and assimilated into the predominantly American culture. Aidan was furious not only at this but at Colleen's cowardly move of attempting to escape the country with him despite the fact that he harbored feelings for her. This drove Aidan over the limit so he wanted to remind Colleen of where she came from while giving her what she wanted. He wanted Colleen to take out all her funds in gold and to meet him at Main Street where he awaited with a black cauldron. When Colleen arrived, Aidan knocked her out with a gun he stole and put the gold into the cauldron. Using his strength, he used the pot of gold to crush Colleen to death. Afterwards, he removed her heart and replaced it with a gold bar to symbolize her greed for wealth and loss of self-identity. All this was grounds for Violet and the player to send Aidan to trial in an instant.

Aidan told Judge Bloodworth that he killed Colleen because of his intense passion for his country, but Bloodworth didn't want to hear his attempt in justifying murder. He later asked Aidan what he did with the victim's heart to which Aidan refused to respond. He then sentenced Aidan to 35 years in jail with no parole possibility.

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