Follow the path of the eagle and you will surely get the job done

-Colleen Bellacoola

Colleen Bellacoola is a main character featured in the upcoming Season 1 of Criminal Case where she serves as the Chief of Police in the Toomeswood Police Department


Colleen, 44 years old, has black eyes, long straight black hair with a white braided streak adorned with a white and brown feather, light blue eyeshadow and mauve lipstick. She wears a tan colored dress with white fringes underneath a navy police jacket with black epaulets. She also wears bronze dreamcatcher earrings decorated with teal feathers, a blue and yellow beaded dreamcatcher necklace underneath a tan fringed scarf. Additionally, she sports yellow nail polish.

As the daughter of a Chippewa chief, she is known to be a workaholic. She is also wise and spiritual, as well as compassionate. Her hobbies include camping, smoking her peace pipe and singing folk songs.

Events of Criminal Case

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  • Colleen resembles Pocahontas from the 1995 Disney film Pocahontas

Case Appearances

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