Cody Longgo
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Biographical information
Gender Male
Status Dead
Birth 1997
Death 2020
Cause of death cut from the chin to the abdomen
Nationality American
Residence St Ronde, US
Past profession(s) Racer
Game information
Cody Longgo was a suspect in the murder investigation of veteran racer Bennizo D'annzzo in Racing To Murder (Case 42 of St ronde), before killing bus driver Bob Heller in Too Late (Case 51 of St Ronde). He as then murdered in Prison Life (Case 53 of St Ronde)


Cody is a 22 year-old RASCAR driver, he has brown hair, a racer uniform, and white gloves. It is known that Cody goes to the gym, drinks coffee, and rides a bike

In his second suspect appearance, he has a badge, and it is known Cody eats potatoes, drinks tea, and is a insomniac

In his victim, appearance, he wears a prison jumpsuit

Events of Criminal Case

Case appearances

Racing To Murder (Case 42 of St ronde)

Too Late (Case 51 of St Ronde)

Prison Life (Case 53 of St Ronde)

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