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Clive Bloom
Biographical information
Full name Clive Bloom
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1965
Death 2018
Cause of death Blood loss

(slashed throat)

Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Businessman
Family Chelsea Bloom - daughter

Mason Bloom - son

Violet Bloom - mother

Robin Bloom -brother

Game information
First appeared Case #2 Curse of the Bloom Family

Clive Bloom (1967-2018) was the victim in Curse of the Bloom Family (Case #1 of Laroy Bay)


Clive was the 53-year-old Bloom Family Head. He had greying ginger hair, notable aging wrinkles and blue eyes. He was seen wearing a white and grey striped collared shirt, a yellow tie and a black plait vest under a forest green blazer with a white and grey striped pocket handkerchief.

Murder Details

Clive was found with his throat slit at Bloom Family Hall. Megan said that he struggled with the killer because she wound brusies.She also found saliva,because the killer spat on Clive,that confirmed that killer eats cinnamon rolls.

Killer and motives

After interrogating suspects and finding evidences,killer was revaeled to be Lavinia De Brills,heiress of De Brills Diamonds.After denying involvement, Lavinia admitted she killed Clive,but she didn't mean to do it.She had an affair with Mason,victim's son,but Clive never approved it.Mason was planning on running away from castle,but Clive locked him in his room.3 days later,Lavinia arrived and wanted to talk with Clive.When Clive saw her,he grabbed dagger from his room and started running towards Lavinia.In act of self-deffense,Lavinia slit his throat.Judge sentenced her to 15 years in prison.