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Cliff's Edge
General information
Season 1 (Pheadmouth)
City Pheadmouth
District Spanish Square
Case # 14
Initial release date 23rd May 2019
Partner(s) Rosamund Parker
Case chronology
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America's Most Ineligible Back to Concordia
BAAM! A body of a pretty actress just fell from a cliff! What happened with her? Who pushed her off her life? Let's investigate the case!
—Case Teaser

Cliff's Edge is a case featured in Criminal Case: Pheadmouth. It is the fourteen case in the city of Pheadmouth and the second one take place in the Spanish Square district.


Patrolling around the city, Rosamund and the player came across a hill, which was the settings of a new movie, Cliff's Edge. While taking a peek there, however suddenly, the team heard a scream from the top of the hill before they saw someone falling right in front of them. After identifying the victim as actress Fiona Amor, the team sent her body to Aiden.

Soon after, the victim's girlfriend Haylie Kiyoko approached the team, crying over Fiona's death. They then flagged her as a suspect and asked her about the victim, leading to the team suspecting four more people: producer Estefan Colmenares, security guard Hernando Jerez, boutique owner Leonora Portugal and famous actress Xantina Zegarra.

Mid-investigation, Ned told the team that the victim was last seen at an autograph booth near the popular boutique of Spanish Square, Fashion & Sense, prompting the team to head to the autograph booth for more clues. Later, Leonora called the team, saying that the victim's ghost was haunting her. Answering about the ghost, Leonora panicked, saying that she had lied to Fiona about the latter's fashion orders as she feared that Fiona, who was always bossy and wanted everything to be perfect, would be angry at her because she could not finish a ton of her orders. Rosamund and the player then calmed Leonora down and continued invesitigating.

During the case, the team also found a lot of angry text messages from Haylie, who broke into tears and told the team that Fiona had broken up with her although she had no reasons, leading to her breaking down and sending angry text messages to Fiona. Estefan also held a grudge towards the victim due to her bossy personality, intending to cut her off Cliff's Edge in order to teach her that he was her producer, not her slave since she kept ignoring his words and changing the scripts. During the filming of Cliff's Edge, Fiona also insulted Hernando, believing his job as a "lower class job" compared to her "fancy career" as an actress. Later on, Rosamund and the team also found a film footage recording Xantina hitting Fiona injured with her car, and discovered from Xantina that it was just a part from Xantina's banned film (due to scandals of Fiona).

After all the events, the team found out that the killer was...



  • Fiona Amor (pushed from a cliff)

Murder Weapon

  • Pushing


  • Not yet Incarcerated



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Killer's Profile

  • The killer knows calligraphy.
  • The killer drinks diet cola.
  • The killer chews nicotine gum.
  • The killer .
  • The killer .

Crime Scenes

Foothill Cliff Foothill Bonus
Trailer Makeup Table Trailer Bonus
Autograph Booth Boutique Autograph Booth Bonus


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