Clayton Higinbotham
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Biographical information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 2001
Nationality American
Residence St Ronde, US
Family Mason Higinbotham (Brother)
Affiliation(s) Brancast
Game information
First appearance Learning To Murder

Clayton Higginbotham is a recurring character in S1 who was a suspect in the murder investigation of sevven people in St Ronde


Clayton is a 18-year-old disabled student he drives around in a electric wheelchair he wears a green shirt and a bandana he also has a computer on his wheelchair. It is known that Clayton eats olives, uses Driscord, and knows anatomy.

In Clayton's second suspect appearance, he is seen without his bandana, and he also has a cut on his chin, it is discovered that Clayton can make bombs, can fight, and is pro gun

In his third appearance, Clayton's cut has healed, it it learned that Clayton knows his plants, speaks French, and eats Rac & Cheese

In his fourth appearance, Clayton is seen with a bloodstain on his shirt, it is revealed Clayton is well versed with weapons, uses pens, and owns a german shepard

In his fifth suspect appearance, Clayton now has soot, it is discovored Clayton can makes bombs, uses a smartphonoe, and is a Brancast member

In his sixth suspect appearance, Clayton's clothing is ragged and burnt, due to the volcanic eruption.

Events of criminal case


At 2'8 Clayton is the shortest suspect in the game

Case appearances

Learning To Murder (Case 15 of St ronde)

Under Water (Case 38 of St Ronde)

Silence in the Library (Case 41 of St Ronde)

Professor 's Ideology (Case 44 of St Ronde)

The Bombing of St Ronde (Case 45 of St Ronde)

Disaster in the Court (Case 58 of St Ronde)

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