Clay Westwood
Biographical information
Full name Clay Westwood
Gender Male
Status Alive
Personal information
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Lindordia
Profession(s) Cowboy
Partner(s) Unnamed girlfriend
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case Back to Past
First appeared Case #3 Dead on Tracks
Clay Westwood was a suspect in the murder investigations of street hustler Georgia Ward in You Steal,I Kill (Case #4 of Back to Past) and aristocrat Aila Shropshire in Like a Thief in the Night (Case #6 of Back to Past).Prior that he appeared as a quasi-suspect in Dead on Tracks (Case #3 of Back to Past)


Clay is a 39-year-old cowboy. He has brown hair and wears a brown cowboy hat. He also dons a blue shirt underneath a leather vest, as well as a brown and yellow poncho over the vest. He is seen with a cigar in his mouth.

Age 39
Height 6'0''
Weight 176lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type O+

Events of Criminal Case

Dead on Tracks

Minerva Highmore said that she had spoken with some passengers about the kidnapper,and most of the descriptions match with a cowboy Clay Westwood.Team brought Rose to go with them.After interrogating Clay,he said that he didn't do it and that he is only a cowboy.Minerva said that he could be telling the truth judging by his facial expressions,but he is still suspicious.

You Steal,I Kill

Clay became a suspect after his blood was found on victim's handkerchief.He said that he used that handkerchief after he got cut.He also claimed that he doesn't know who Georgia is.

Clay was spoken to again after team found threatening letter from him to Georgia.He said that she was a witch who was stealing his food and his weapons only to sell them for higher prices.

Clay was found innocent after team arrested Ethel Spencer for a murder.

After the trial,team spoke to Clay Bagner after his name was found on weapon packages and Clay claimed that he was only a teen and that it's not his.Rose analyzed weapons and said that weapons belong to Clay Westwood,not Bagner.When team spoke to Westwood about this,he said that he needed them for his own protection and safety,not for robbing banks and hijacking trains.Team didn't believed him and decided that they will keep an eye on him.

Like a Thief in the Night

Clay was spoken to again about a ''THANK YOU'' letter he sent to Aila.He said that she helped him to ask her friend out on a date and that he is thankful to her.

Clay was spoken to again about his hair found on murder weapon.He said that he doesn't know how it got there and that he doesn't have a reason to kill Aila.

Clay was found innocent after team arrested Archie Rochester


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