Clarissa Clark
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Biographical information
Full name Clarissa Clark
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 2017
Cause of death Blunt force trauma
Personal information
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence United States
Profession(s) Parade Dancer
Family Cassidy Clark (sister; incarcerated)
Unnamed brother †
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #16: Screamboat

Clarissa Clark was the victim in Screamboat (Case #16 of Starlight Shores).


Clarissa was the sister of Cassidy Clark. She had long and straight blonde hair going down to her shoulders with a golden hair pin in the shape of a butterfly in. She wore a green dress which covered only one shoulder.

Murder Details

Clarissa was found dead on the outside of a steamboat, brutalised and bleeding from her stomach. Per Malcolm, she was beaten over the head with a large, flat object and then stabbed through the stomach with a small blade to finish the job. Malcolm also found traces of oysters on her neck when the killer checked her pulse, meaning the killer eats oysters.

Killer and Motives

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Case Apperances

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