Clarabelle Pomfrey
Full name Clarabelle Annie Pomfrey
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 31/01/2016
Nationality French
Residence Paris, France
Profession Retired Wartime Nurse
Affiliation(s) French Army
Appearance(s) Beneath the Tower
Clarabelle Pomfrey was the victim in Beneath the Tower (Case #5 of The World Edition).


Clarabelle wore a white dress under a light pink vest and brown sandals. She had grey hair tied in a bun and light green eye shadow.

Murder Details

Clarabelle was found pushed off The Eiffel Tower, Millie's autopsy revealed that the killer had to have been afraid of heights when killing Clarabelle, as he did such a messy job of it.

Killer and Motives

Maurice Garce, an artist killed Clarabelle.

Maurice was revealed to be part of the Quartimann society, and had been ordered by the great leader to kill Clarabelle. Clarabelle had recently been digging into the society herself, and had realised what they were, considering Clarabelle's job, she needed to be killed. And Maurice seemed the part for it. He pushed her off. Miguel sentenced Maurice to life imprisonment for the murder of Clarabelle and refusing to co-operate.


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