Christine Rutledge is the killer of her roommate, Michelle Foster, in the case "A Tragedy After The Other" (Case 53).


Christine, a twenty-three year old student of Kings University, has long brown hair that flows past her shoulders, pale skin and has green eyes that is highlighted with pink eye shadow. Christine wore sunglasses on her head and dangling rainbow earrings. She also wore red lipstick, a silver holographic jacket over a light turquoise shirt that is outlined with pink and has a pink heart with a white cat in it. Christine also wears nail polish and has bangles on her right arm.

In the events of "A Tragedy After The Other" it was revealed that Christine rode horses, eats chocolate pretzels and spoke French.

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  • Christine's name and physical appearance is based on YouTube celebrity, Cristine Rotenberg, who is best known as "Simply Nailogical".
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