Chop Chop! is the first case of Weranville aswell as the first case in Theboywholovesgames' extra series.


After arriving at Warenville, the player is welcomed to the Warenville PD Department. After being welcomed, the player and the whole team hears screaming and Chief Qunty Alman assigned the player with Ishmal Jenker to investigate, only to find the body of Sedrena Polar chopped in half and all her organs on the floor...except her heart! Two suspects were marked in the investigation:

• Jamie Warrents (Witness)

• Martino Argazen (Butcher)

After gathering the evidence, the team proved Martino guilty. He mentioned how Sedrena would always tell her employees she would pay them and then drag it and never pay them and take all the money they made and keep it. Martino, who said he wanted to quit, was told by Sedrena if he quit, she would tell the cops false accusations and make the cops arrest him. When Sedrena came to collect the money Martino had made, he knocked her out, tied her up, and sliced her in half before emptying her organs. He then left her along with her organs outside the headquarters to represent how she would have went to the police if he quit. He waited until someone saw the body and screamed before he ran away.

In court, Martino showed no remorse for the murder and thus he was sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole. After such, Ishmal and the player talk to Jamie about her past, which ends up arresting her as they find proof of her murdering her boyfriend in self defense after searching her boyfriend's website, which was already discovered and closed down by the PD, concluding the additional investigation and allowing the next case to be played


Victim: Sedrena Polar (Chopped in half before having her organs cleaned out)

Murder Weapon: Cleaver

Killer: Martino Argazen

Motive: Money



Crime Scenes



- This Cases' Name Is A Reference To The Phrase "Chop Chop!" Which Means To Hurry Up

- This Case Is One Of The Two Cases In Which More Than One Person Is Arrested

- This Case Is The Only Case Where Every Suspect Is Arrested

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