Chloe Caronvic
Biographical information
Full name Chloe Caronvic
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 2001
Death 2019
Cause of death Blood loss

(Stab wounds)

Personal information
Nationality Flag of France French
Residence Lyon, France
Profession(s) Student
Partner(s) Elise Fosse (girlfriend)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #3: Jaws of Life

Chloe Caronvic was the victim in Jaws of Life (Case #3 of Save The Europe)


Chloe was a 18-year-old student with green eyes and neck length black hair. At the time of hear death she wore a black t-shirt underneath her red-white jacket.  During investigation it's discovered that Chloe enjoying practicing BDSM with her girlfriend Elise Fosse

Murder details

Chloe was found dead at the bus station with a multiple stab wounds, while her jacket was found at the university with a lemonade stains left by her killer. Coroner's reports shown that Chloe's killer killed her instantly by stabbing her straight into the heart, but that rest of the stabs and removed jaw a killer's joy. also she concluded that she was killed probably by a screwdriver.

Killers and motives

The killer turns out to be...

Case appearances


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