Chase Dawson
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Biographical information
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Birth 1993
Nationality American
Residence St ronde, U.S
Family Zoe Dawson (sister)

Henry Stickler (Son)

Partner(s) Ana Stickler (Fiancee)
Game information
First appearance Homeless Death(case 5 of St ronde)
Chase Dawson was a suspect in the murder investigation of homeless camp owner Sebastian Doofensmertz in Homeless Death(case 5 of St ronde), groom Jake Root in Wedding Day (Case 25 of St ronde) and his fiancee Ana Stickler in Heavyweight (Case 29 of St ronde) before killing paranormal investigator's assistant Jeremy Tomo in Ghosting (Case 39 of St Ronde). He then showed up as a suspect in the murder investigation of his sister, Zoe Dawson in Jailbreak (Case 48 of St Ronde)


Chase is a 25-year-old homeless man he has a gray, disheveled, torn shirt he also has a scar above his left eyebrow. it is known that Chase has a criminal record, gambles, and drinks moonshine 

In his second appearance, Chase is seen wearing a brown apron and a white undershirt. It ik discovered that Chase eats steak, chews gum, and drinks diet drinks. 

in his third appearance, Chase wears white gloves and wears a bracelet over his left arm

In his fourth appearance, Chase ditches the gloves. It is figured out that Chase has deep drug knowledge, eats barbeque, and eats N&Ns

In his fifth suspect appearance, Chase has a bruise, and it is found out Chase does karate, drinks juice, and has been to tokoyo.

Events of criminal case

Chase became a suspect after a bracelet bearing his initials was found. when informed of the murder Chase was grateful because Sebastian was treating the homeless men and women like dirt

Chase was interrogated a second when the team found a recording of Chase and the victim arguing. Chase said that they were planning to kill Zoe, But Sebastian starting chickening out infuriating Chase

Chase was found innocent when Seikoh Wolf was found guilty of murder

Wedding Day

Chase was found in trouble again when the team discovered that he moved in with the victim. Chase said that after he became homeless everyone gave up on him even his sister and Jake and Leanne Merz Took him in. He finished by saying he couldn't fathom why anyone would kill Jake  Chase was spoken to again for his love confession, Chase said that hhwe knew he could never be together, but the pain was so much that he told Jake to get it off his chest, but then Jake kicked him out for being gay. When Jake invited him to his wedding Chase thought he wanted to make amends, but no Jake just wanted to publicly humiliate him.  Chase was found innocent again when the team arrested James Root for murder 

Case appearances

Homeless Death(case 5 of St ronde)

Wedding Day (Case 25 of St ronde)

Heavyweight (Case 29 of St ronde)

Ghosting (Case 39 of St Ronde)

Jailbreak (Case 48 of St Ronde)


Chase is one of the characters to appear as a suspect five times

Chase is one of the characters to appear in four districts

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