The results of this note are the reason why I chose to work in a Police Department instead of looking at drawings of people in the rain.
—Charlotte Woods

Charlotte Woods is a main character featured in Season 1 of Criminal Case, serving as the New Cresthill Police Department's Profiler.


Hailing from Tijuana, Mexico, Charlotte is the 39-year-old profiler of the New Cresthill Police Department. Charlotte was an average student before entering the university, after moving to the U.S. When she lived in Mexico, she didn't want to show her true nature; her mom moved to the city because of a friend recommendation, also, its university had good reviews in Charlotte's career. She took advantage of the university, reaching the point of winning a scholarship for studying in India, where she met her boyfriend; after her exciting adventure around the globe, she chose to serve the law in the police department, considering it as an infinite adrenaline fountain.
She is a young woman with long black straight hair and fair skin. She wears an elegant casual green dress, over it, Priscilla dons a black blazer. She also uses silver earrings, red lipstick and brown eyeshadow. 

Height 5'6
Age 39
Weight 112 lbs
Eyes Hazel
Blood A+

Notable Events

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Case Appearances

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