Charles Anderson
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Biographical information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1993
Nationality Naghtrelican
Residence St ronde, U.S

the kingdom of Naghtrelic(formerly)

Family The king of Naghtrelic(father)
Game information
First appearance A senatorial crime
Charles Anderson was a suspect in the murder investigation of senator James Cockran in A senatorial crime(case 4 of st ronde), artist Steven Cline in The Museum is on Fire! (Case 46 of St Ronde), and officer Julie Hemsworth in Officer Killed! (Case 47 of St Ronde) he also made a quasi-suspect appearance in Train Wreck (Case 9 of St Ronde)


Charles is a 25-year-old prince of naghtrelic he wars a white shirt with a yellow undershirt he also holds a flag of naghtrelic. It is known that he smokes and speaks Spanish

In his second suspect appearance, it is discovered Charles eats Barbeque, runs, and has a sweet tooth

In his third suspect appearance, it is found out that Charles handles guns and chews gum

Events of criminal case

A senatorial crime

Charles found himself a suspect after the team found a note from him to the victim Charles said that James was a good man and asked the player to leave him to smoke

Charles was interrogated again after a recording of the victim saying to Charles that one day he would nuke naghtrelic. Charles was questioned about this and said that James was heathen and that it was a good thing he died

Charles was found innocent after Jordan Tucker was found guilty of murder


Case appearances

A senatorial crime(case 4 of st ronde)

Train Wreck (Case 9 of St Ronde)

The Museum is On Fire! (Case 46 of St Ronde)

Officer Killed! (Case 47 of St Ronde)

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