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Chief Maddavar: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, welcome to the Academy Area! One of the best districts of Darnestown
Chief: In constradistinction to the Monetary center, the money is not the world's center. Here, there's no richy clubs!
Franco Benitez: Oh, the Academy Area! <Name>, did I tell you that it's here where I born?
Franco: This place is so delighted, and very nice! The people here is friendly and always helps you.
Franco: And also the students! They may have one or two fights... But they very responsable at their age
Chief: Yes, Franco, I'm also grateful to be here. Now that the summer vacations arrives, we can be calmed.
Chief: You know what, <Name>? I will give to all the police department the day off!
Franco: Really? Wow, that's fantastic! But I hope that we won't find a corspe
Chief: Don't worry, we won't. Quickly, <Name>, grab your items. We're going to the beach

At the beach

Chief: Aaaaah... This is perfect, <Name>. I really need this. I was accumulating a lot of stress...
Chief: And all of the team looks like they're having a good day! There, Detective Franco is eating an ice-cream with...
Chief: The Officer Joyce? Okay, I didn't expect that. Interesting.
Chief: Anyway. Over there is Coroner Zeydane. She is bronzing herself, and I have to say that her new skin colour is pretty good.
Chief: Well, Doan is... writting something in his notebook? He has the day off and he's working? Poor man
Chief: Oh, I forgot that he is also our profiler! You're right <Name>, he's studying the people...weird.
Chief: Oh, and Fitz is studying the life of the sea shells. I think that biology is his new passion now.
Franco: Hi, <Name>, Chief. What are you talking about?
Cheif: Oh, nothing. I wanted that <Name> could tell me how he solved the case of Grimsborough where his boss commits suicide
Franco: Do you mean Samuel King 's dead? Awesome. Please <Name>, tell it to us!
*twiiiiit* *twiiiiit*
Romy Galier: Everybody, leaves the beach now!
Franco: Wow, what's going on chief? Someone was poisoned by a jellyfish?
Chief: No, that's not what happen. An ambulance will be here if somebody was hurt by a sea animal...
Chief: Hey, lady, what happens? Why all the people have to leave the beach?
Romy: A little girl found a dead body in the beach. Everybody has to evacuate. Now!
Franco: What? Another murder investiagtion? And this one in the summer vacations?
Cheif: Apparently, yes. Hopefully, we're here so that means that the crime scene was not very affected.
Chief: What are you waiting for? <Rank> <Name>! Detective Benitez! Go!

Chapter 1

Investigate Beach

Franco: I think that we have dealed with all the psycho-killers in the city. But bury a man in a beach? That's madness
Clair: Crazier is the way that he died: suffocation. The killer knocked him and buried him only to be pleassure of his work.
Clair: I'll make the body's autopsy to know if our killer left us a clue.
Franco: Good point, Clair. Also we must have a look to that pile of sand that you found <Name>. We need all the clues that we can get.
Franco: And, we need to talk with the lifeguard who discovered the body. We need to know all what she see
Franco: Wait a minute, <Name>, who's that little girl? She appears to be lost.
Franco: Oh, I remember it now. The body was found by a little girl, probably is she!

Autopsy the Victim's Body

Clair: Well, my theory was true. Your victim died by suffocation.
Clair: Based on the hit of his head, I can assure that your killer tried to knock him out with a big wooden object and won successfully.
Clair: After that he fells unconscious, the killer buried him in the hole. I don't know he did it before the murder, but once the victim was in there, the killer started to fill the hole with sand.
Franco: That's horrible, really. And, did you managed to find something about the killer?
Clair: No. The sea cleaned the residues on the victim's body and I can't find exact clues.
Franco: And what about the sand near him? If the water cleaned his body, maybe the sand could have extracts of something incriminating!
Clair: That was a posibillity that I discarded. When all the people left the scene, all of their residues contaminated the sand. So, that means that we doesn't have clues.
Clair: But, at least, we discovered the murder weapon!

Talk with the lifeguard about the murder

Franco: Hello, Mrs. Gailer. I'm Dtective Franco and my partner is <Rank> <Name>. We need to ask you a few questions about the murder with your permission.
Romy: Okay, but have to undestand that what I do was the correct thing
Romy: That poor girl... She came to me crying, saying that she spotted something horrible. At first I think that it was a crab but...
Romy: So, I decided to do a complete evacuation and call the police to investigate the beach.
Romy: But, thanks god, you were here. I don't know what I will do if the body was still here.
Franco: It's okay. You don't need to worry anymore. We will solve this murder in no time.

Talk with the little girl about the corspe

Franco: Hello, sweetie. I'm Franco and he is <Name>. We're police-officers and we're investigating...
Irina Brooks: (crying) I know why you are here! You're going to arrest me! I found the dead man which means that I'll go very far from home!
Franco: What? No! We're here to see how are you. We took the body away to be sure that anything bad stills happens.
Irina: Really? It's gone? I won't see it anymore?
Franco: No, sweetie. The dead man has gone and he'll never return
Irina: Yay! I won't be take away! I'll be with mom again!
Franco: Can you take us with your mom? Maybe she could help us to catch the person who did this...
Irina: Yes, of course! My mom will be a hero! She will catch the bad guy!

Talk with Irina's mother about the murder

Irina: Here, officers! She's my mother. She is beautiful, isn't she?
Eve Brooks: My God! Irina, where were you? I was very worried about you! And, who are these mans?
They are cops, mom. They found me when I was scared and hidden in the shadows. They're good people.
Eve: Thank you! Now I can leave this place secure.
Franco: Wait, Mrs. Brooks! We need to talk with you... In privacy
Eve: Right. Irina, honey, can you wait me on the car? I have to... thank the officers his help
Irina: Okay, mom. But don't get late!

Eve: Okay, what's the problem, officers.Oh, and thanks again for rescue my daughter.
Franco: No problem. Mrs. Brooks, did you spotted something when you ran away from the crime scene.
Eve: No. I was really scared. I only took my and Irina's stuffs and evacuated the scene.
Eve: But, when I discovered that Irina was not with me... Well, I became hysterical.
Franco: Don't worry, that wasn't your fault. In that sitution, everything can happens.
Franco: Oh and purposely, did you know that your daughter was the one who discovered the body?
Eve: No! I didn't know that! That's explains why she left her plastic shovel near the body.
Franco: If you don't care, <Rank> <Name> and I will like to take that shovel. As evedince.
Eve: Sure!... Here it's. But please, give it back to me when all of this finish. Irina loves that shovel.

Examine Plastic Shovel

Franco: Are you kidding me, <Name>? How did you spotted those molecules in a perfect movement. Sometimes, I think that you're an alien.
Franco: But, you're right. We have to send this molecule to the lab and see if Fitz can tell us what it is

Analyze Molecule

Fitz: First of all, I'm really surprised that <Name> had managed to find this molecule in the shovel. Who knows how many substance was it in contact!
Franco: You see! <Rank> <Name> cames from another planet! We should sent a letter to Mars!
Fitz: Okay, Franco, if you say so... But, returning to the investigation...
Fitz: The unknown molecule belong to a special cream that is normally used for people with stress
Franco: Are you talking seriously? A cream which helps the people to prevent to be stressed? And how this could help us?
Fitz: Here is when the second surprise apears! The molecule was mixed with sand, sea water and residues from the pollute.
Fitz: But the "antistress-cream" molecule was not on the victim's body, only in the sand around him!
Franco: You're trying to say to us that the killer left the sample in the sand when he buried the victim?
Fitz: Exactly! I don't have any doubts that, if the cream was used by your killer, he suffers from stress!

Examine Pile of Sand

Franco: Good job looking in that pile of sand, <Name>! You have discovered something that should help us in the investigation!
Franco: It's the victim's ID! Look, his name was Hans Mortem and he works... like a lifeguard?
Franco: Yeah, you're right, <Name>. We need to search for more clues if we want to solve this murder.
Franco: Let's go to the lifeguards parade now! If the victim works here, maybe we can find something.

Investigate Lifeguards Parade

Franco: I don't find anything here, and you?
Franco: You find a book? Well, I think that coming here wasn't good enough as I thought... At least can I have a look to it?
Franco: Oh my... The cover is faded! Can you manage to recover what was written?

Examine Strange Book

Franco: So, the book that you found is... a first-aid book? Are you talking seriously?
Franco: Do you want to send it to the lab? Well, I don't think that this could help us, but I think that Doan will love this

Analyze Book

Doan: Well, <Name>, your instincts were very good. This book was read by your killer!
Franco: What?! How do you know that? As I know, that's impossible!
Doan: Franco, can I finish to say my results first before you act like a crazy goat?
Doan: When <Name> gave it to me, I didn't expect to find all the book written.
Doan: I had to analyze all the phrases and I discovered that your killer modified an section. Here, take a look
Franco: "How to prevent a suffocation"...<Name>! This is how the victim died! Our killer must have read this to know the best way to kill Hans!
Doan: Right! But the most strange thing was that your killer's script was like a eight years old child!
Franco: Oh my Lord! That means that Irina is the killer! How could a little girl do that?
Doan: Wait, Franco! I didn't say that a child killed Hans! I said that someone who WROTE like a child did it!
Doan: You don't get it, right? Your killer is dyslexic! That's why his handwrite is pretty bad.
Franco: Uf, I really don't want to arrest Irina... Let's write the info

At the station

Well <Name>, let's recap all the info that we have
Franco: We know that our victim, Hans Mortem, was murdered by suffocation meanwhile he was unconscious for reasons that we don't know...
Franco: We also discovered that the person who did it suffers from stress and is dyslexic.
Franco: And we have three suspects who don't look to know our victim.
Natalie: Franco! <Rank> <Name>! I have something for you!
Franco: Ninjoy! What happens? You looks very stirred.
Natalie: I was doing my daily patrol when a young boy gave it to me a strange box. He said that inside was something that could help <Rank> <Name> on his investigation!
Franco: Oh, Ninjoy, you don't have to trust in everybody. This could be a fan toy or a letter...
Franco: What <Name>? Do you want to have a look inside? Okay, but I bet you that there isn't anything

Examine Mysterious Box

Natalie: And, <Rank> <Name>? Are we right? There was something interesant inside the box?
Franco: What?! Please, <Name>, tell me that these are not drug bags!

Chapter 2

Franco: <Name>, tell me that there are not bag drugs! That's impossible
Franco: But how is this possible? The Academy Area was a safe place, free of any crime! And now we have a murder and illegal drug selling!
Franco: You're right name. We must talk with the chief about this, inmediatly!

At the Chief office

Chief: You do the right thing, <Rank> <Name>. This information that you gave me is really important
Franco: What will we do, chief? We can't pass this over! We have to find who send the drugs to <Name>!
Natalie: That's not necessary! I found him here, in the police station, waiting in the interrogation room.
Franco: What? Who, in his whole life, would do that? This guy is really weird.
Chief: Well, at least you don't have to research any further. Let's go and talk to him!
Franco: Yes, chief! And, <Name>, I guess that we have to send the drug bags for analysis, right?
Franco: Well, we have two things to do, were would you like to start?

See why the young boy sent you the drugs

Franco: So, boy, explain by yourself. Why did you send the drug bags to <Rank> <Name> and, later, come here?
William Richardson: My name is William, by the way. And I guess that those bags will help <Rank> <Name> with the investigation
Franco: Are you crazy, kid? Do you really think that consume drugs is something that a police officer wiil do?
William: What? No. The drug bags was not to <Rank> <Name>, it belong to your victim, Hans Mortem!
Franco: What? And how do you know that? You bought him drugs in the past?
William: No! What kind of sick person do you think that I am? I... borrow some of his bags for my investigation
Franco: Investigation? Are you a type of private investigator? What did you investigate? A lost cat?
William: That's not funny! I spend a lot of ours doing my research, my homework and some errands. Do you know who stressful is that?
William: Fortunately, I play video-games to relax myself and I go out with my friends
William: Anyway, I think that this will help you more than me. It's the address of the house where the victim lived before... Well
Franco: Oh, thanks boy. And... sorry for my comment. I didn't want to infuriated you.

Franco: Okay, that boy was... strange. Who in his childhood wants to be an investigator? Tell me!
Franco: You're right <Name>, we should go to the address that William gave us. Only for see if he's not lying.

Investigate Garage

Franco: I...I don't have any word about what I'm seeing. The biggest plantation of marijuana in all my career!
Franco: And why the neighbours didn't call us about it? Do you think that... you know, they smoke it?
Franco: Yes, you're right, <Name>, I need to get focus on the investigation
Franco: Do yo managed to find a check? Great, we're making a progress after all
Franco: Cr*p! I can't read what is written on it. The moisture erased the ink!
Franco: Can you do your magic, only for a second?

Examine Faded Check

Franco: Impressive as always, <Name>! You managed to be able to read was written in the check!
Franco: Wait. That's a q or a p?... And this one. It's an o? Are you sure?
Franco: We don't have time to verify all the lettes! Let's send it to Doan. He should gave us the missing clue!

Analyze Check

Doan: <Name>, why you give me a baby puzzle like that? Really, sometimes I think that my talent is subestimated.
Doan: Oh, anyway, I take a look to the check that you send me...
Doan: And its a signature! A dyslexic person signature, to be exact!
Franco: Did you say dyslexic? We must interrogate the person of the signature. Do you managed to find out who is him, Doan?
Doan: Of course I do! The person what you're looking for is man called Trevor Sacher, a drug buyer.
Franco: Oh, one of these? F*cking junkies! They're everywhere.
Franco: But you have a good point, <Name>. If we want to advance in the investigation, we need to talk with this Trevor!

Talk with the drug buyer about the victim

Trevor: What do you want, officers? I'm very busy if you didn't know. A lot of work, y'now?
Franco: You didn't mean "drug buying"? We know your secret and we know that you bought some drugs from Hans Mortem.
Trevor: Yeah, that rat had the best weed in the whole city! And his cocaine was not bad either!
Trevor: But he suddenly close his bunisses and I had to buy the drugs to another person! Can you believe that?
Franco: People sometimes wants to change his future, maybe he was fed up with the drugs and decided to get a good job.
Trevor: HA! Don't make me laugh! That assh*le won more money than anybody here. Even more than the another drug seller!
Franco: And what is it name, Trevor? Do you think that it wanted to kill Hans?
Trevor: Absolutely! I don't have any doubts that Eve deserved to kill him. Taking out the competition, why no?
Franco: Wait a second! You're talking about Eve Brooks?
Trevor: Yes, I am. How do you know her? She also sell drugs to you?
Franco: No! We're cops, no junkies. Now, move away, <Rank> <Name> and I need another chat with Mrs Brooks!

Expose Eve from selling drugs

Irina: Hello cops! What're you doing here? Did you caught the bad man?
Franco: Not yet, honey. But we need to talk with your mum again. Is she here?
Irina: Yes, she is in the kitchen. Do you want that I go to advise herthat you're here?
Franco: No, it's okay. We'll go with you to the kitchen. Can you show us where it is?
Irina: It's the door in front of you. I can smell the brocolli here.

Eve: Irina, if you want to eat, you've to wait. The dinner is not finished.
Franco: We're not Irina. She's playing in the front yard.
Eve: Officers! What a surprise! What are you doing here?
Franco: We're still investigating the murder. And we discovered that the victim's name is Hans Mortem. That name didn't sounds you familiar?
Eve: Er...not. Absolutely, no. Why?
Franco: Becuase he was your rival in the drug-selling bussiness!
Eve: SHH! What do you pretend? That the whole town knows that?!
Franco: We want clues! Not more questions! So, answer us, why you didn't tell us about your little... job.
Eve: Listen, I'm a single mother undergraduted. I don't have a lot of job opportunities and the money is really important these days.
Eve: I discovered that the university students consumes drugs a lot. And, with Irina having dyslexic problems, I needed the money to stay paying her school.
Eve: But everything is not like flowers and colours... Try to find especific drugs, ingridients and compete with another guys. God, the stress is killing me!

Analyze Drug Bags

Fitz: This is the first time that somebody send me to analyze drug bags, <Name>. I hope this won't be repetitive.
Franco: Me too. But, if the drugs help us with the murder investigation, we must handle it.
Fitz: Well, I didn't know what I was really expecting to find there. But nothing like what I found: fish scales.
Franco: Fish scales?? How they ended there?
Fitz: I don't know, but I researched for more clues and I discovered that the scales were for a surgeonfish.
Franco: The blue fish of that childs movie?
Fitz: Yes, that fish! Your victim problably knows the secondary effects if you inhale the scales, which one of these consists in addiction.
Franco: Good point, <Name>! We have just seen surgeonfishes. In the fishbowl of the lifeguards parade!
Franco: Let's go back and see if this mystery of the fishes has a solution!

Investigate Giant Fishbowl

Franco: I can't believe that our victim took the scales off and left the fish in the fishbowl again! Look they're suffering...
Franco: Yeah, you're right, <Name>, we have to focus on the investigation.
Franco: Do you spot the victim's locker? Awesome! Once the password will be deciphered, we should have a look inside!
Franco: And you also picked up a wooden racket? Oh, <Name>, we will play tennis later. Now we need to focus on the investigation, remember?
Franco: Oh, I have totally forgotten what Clair told to us. I acted like a dump, didn't I?
Franco: And what is this strange liquid? If you take a sample, maybe we can send it to Fitz.

Examine Victim's Locker

Franco: Well, what we have here, <Name>? More scales? Drug bags? Cocaine?
Franco: A torn photo? Well, this is really strange. I didn't figured out to find this puzzle in this case.
Franco: However, we have it here... Time to repair it <Name>!

Examine Torn Photo

Franco: Excelent job, recovering the photo to its original state! Seriously, some day, you have to teach me how do that?
Franco: Look, in the photo appears our victim and... who is that girl next to him?
Franco: Of course! It is Romy Gailer! The lifeguard that we met at the start of the case.
Franco: If she took a photo with victim, that means that they're more than partners.
Franco: Let's hope she is not to busy. We need to interview her again.

Talk with the lifeguard about the victim

Franco: So, Romy, did you know somebody named Hans Mortem?
Romy: Actually, yes. He is my partner and a good friend. Besides, he have to be here. Do you realize where is he?
Franco: Well, yes. He's our victim. The one who was buried in the beach.
Romy: What? Oh my God, that's tragic! What do you suppose that I might do now?
Romy: As though my job wasn't so stressful before. Now, I must do the double.
Romy: (cellphone rings) Romy here, what happens?... Oh, I see. Okay, I'm going there.
Romy: Sorry, officers, but the people needs me. I have to run.
Franco: Wait! Mrs...Mrs Gailer! Damn! She can't listen me.
Franco: Anyway, we may go back to the police station. The sun is burning me alive.

Examine Wooden Racket

Franco: So, the strange liquid actually was sweat! Nice one, <Name>.
Franco: Come on, we don't have time to lose. Let's send it to Fitz now.

Analyze Sweat

Fitz: Well, the sweat came from the victim's hand. That explains why I didn't find any fingerprint.
Fitz: I showed Clair the racket and she confirmed that this was the object which your killer knocked out your victim.
Fitz: But, getting back to the sweat, I was able to extract some DNA.
Fitz: And this DNA helped me to confirm you that your killer is a woman!

At the station

Franco: <Name>, we are so close to catch our killer that I almost fell it. But first let's do a recap.
Franco: We met two new suspects: a really weird boy and a crapy drug buyer.
Franco: We discovered that Eve Brooks sells drugs, and I don't know if she was trying to betray us with that thing about her daughter
Franco: We also found out that Mrs. Gailer and the victim had a friendly relationship. But she ran away before we finished to interview her.
And, finally, we discovered that the killer is a woman! Another killer profile!
Irina: <Rank> <Name>! Please, you have to help me!
Franco: Whoa, Irina, what's wrong? Why you looks deeply sad?
Irina: (crying) Its my mum! She escaped from home! I can't find her!

Chapter 3

Irina: Please, <Rank> <Name>, help me! My mum scaped from home! I couldn't find her!
Franco: Don't worry, swettie. <Name> will find her and she will be with you very soon
Irina: Really? A pinkie promise?
Franco: Yes, a pinkie promise. And why you don't wait us right here? We may talk with you later.
Irina: O...okay. Thanks for your help.

Franco: That woman is insane! Have you looked Irina? She was destroyed.
Franco: I have an idea about where she is. Mortem's House!
Franco: But you decide <Name>, what we will do first. Investigate the victim's garage again? Or talk to Irina?

Check out Irina Brooks

Franco: Hey, Irina, how do you feel now? Are you okay?
Irina: I think so. I don't know. I... I want my mum
Irina: (crying) Why?! Why did she run away?! It's for my hair? For dad?
Franco: No, you're not the problem! Your mum... needs some air. She's very stressful.
Irina: But that doesn't explain why she left me in home! She never do that before!
Franco: I don't know what to say! I...I...
Irina: I understand what happen! You arrested her!
Franco: What?! No! We don't do such a thing like that.
Irina: You're lying! You didn't want to help me! You only wanted to be near of me to caugh her!
Franco: No that's not...Wait! Irina! Damn, <Name>, she run away!

Investigate Operation Table

Before Investigating
Eve: What are you pretending?! I have permission to enter in the garage!
Trevor: A cent, you have! Mortem wouldn't give you nothing!
Franco: HEY! Stop right there, both of you!
Eve: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, what a relief! Can you get this annoyance out of the way?
Trevor: What are you pretending?! You was trying to enter in the garage when I yelled you to stop! She's the annoyance here!
Franco: Shut up! <Rank> <Name> will interrogate both of you after investigate the garage again. Now, move!

After Investigating
Franco: You can believe what we witnessed before? We need another chat with Trevor, besides Eve, who was the one that we were going to interview.
Franco: But coming here helped us more than I expected! We have two new clues!
This torn paper was seriouly damaged. Could you do some of your magic?
And those dollar bills, we need to discover who touched it.

Confront Eve abuot left her daughter

Eve: I promise you, officers! I didn't do anything!
Franco: We're not here to talk about what heppened before with you, Eve.
Eve: Really? Then, why did you call me?
Franco: We must know why you left your daughter alone in your home. So, explain yourself
Eve: Who do you know that? You don't have to talk with my daughter about me!
Franco: She came to the station very scared and sad because she saw you ran away! Why you escaped from your home?!
Eve: For the work! I need the... products... of Hans Mortem to win more money. To stay paying Irina's school!
Franco: You don't understand what we told you? That's illegal! You will go to the jail if you continue selling drugs!
Eve: But I don't have many choices! When you left my home, the boss of one of my jobs fired me! I really need the money... Irina too!
Franco: Eve, I promise you that I would find a job for you. But you must stop selling drugs.
Eve: Really? Oh, thanks! If you do that, I swear don't buy and sell drugs anymore!

See why Trevor was discussing with Eve

Franco: Trevor, can tou explain <Rank> <Name> why you were discussing with mrs. Brooks?
Trevor: Easy, she was trying to enter in the garage without permission! I watched her trying to force the lock.
Franco: And why you stopped her? I mean, you're a junkie and you could steal some drugs.
Trevor: Well, I was expecting that, if I stopped her and make her go away, I could take all the drugs for myself...
Franco: Are you talking serious, kid? We could come here any moment to find more clues and we would arrest you!
Trevor: Come on, officers! You can't do that! I need drugs! They relax myself for all the stress!
Franco: Sorry, but you have to choose. The jail or give us the drugs.
Trevor: Here, take it! I don't care now. Just, leave me alone.

Examine Dollar Bills

Franco: For Pete sake! There are too many fingerprints! I don't know if you can examine all!
Franco: Good idea, <Name>! Doan should be able to tell us who touched the dollar bills!

Analyze Fingerprints

Doan: I must say: when you gave me this fingerprints I was expecting to find a lot of persons...
Doan: But only two touched the bills! The victim and one of the suspects, William Richardson!
Franco: So, the boy lied us, <Name>. I hate when the people do that! Come on, let's chat with him again

Confront William about buying drugs

Franco: William, you told us that you don't consume drugs. Why did you lie?
William: I didn't lie you! I don't lie to anybody. I hate that! I always says the truth.
Franco: But how do you explain that we found dollar bills with your fingerprints in the victim's garage? Eh?
William: I told you! I...borrow some bags. I don't like say that I...I... bought them.
Franco: Oh! But that's not bad if you do it... for good actions.
William: Buy drugs is bad and illegal wherever you look! I only wanted to... avoid myself about that, saying that I borrow them.

Franco: Well, the kid would be strange... But he is nice. After all, one person told us the truth.
Franco: I hope that we will interview another time. He may help us one ot two times.

Examine Torn Paper

Franco: Great job, <Name>! Now that the paper is restored, we can read what is write!
Franco: What the hell?! The words are so confusing and the letters, weak. Whoever wrote this, it obviously dyslexic!
Franco: We will have to wait for Doan's conclussion. Until that moment, what is written is a mystery.

Analyze Illegible Note

Doan: Well, it take me one or two ours more than I expected...
Doan: But I deciphered what the note says!
Franco: Doan, you're a genius! Thanks to you, we will know who write! What does it say?
Doan: Well, its a dead threat send to vcitim for a certain Romy...
Franco: Wait, <Name>! It's the lifeguard! Romy Gailer! What did she write?
Doan: She wrote this: "Why you do that? Now, you're dead, bastard! I hope you dead in a tragic way!" Strong, huh?
Franco: A lot. Come on, <Name>! Let's go back to the beach and interview Romy again!

See why Romy send the dead threat to his partner

Franco: Romy, now you don't have any scape. Tell us why you send a dead threat to Hans before he was murdered.
Romy: Hey! That was a little joke! We do that all of the time. He insulted me, I sent him letters. A stupid but funny game that we invented.
Franco: Really? Because this one doesn't seems to be a joke. What did he do?
Romy: Oh, that one! Well, he... broke my favourite necklace. I was so angry with him that day. So, I sent the note.
Romy: The next day, he apologized about what he do and I forgive him. He was a good boy.

At the police station

Franco: <Name>, we need to do something! We don't have too many clues to arrest the killer.
Franco: If the chief notice this... Well, the place will be ugly to stay.
Franco: Go to the hole where our victim was found? Good idea! Just, wait for me in the car. I need to find my sunscreen.

Investigate Beach Hole

Franco: Your instincts were true, <Name>! We have found the last clues!
That fence that you spotted is covered with blood! Could you collect a sample and send it to Fitz?
Franco: And let get our hands dirty looking in that leaves! Let's finish this case.

Examine Bloody Fence

Franco: Excelent job, <Name>! Let's send it to Fitz urgently!

Analyze Blood Sample

Fitz: Well, the blood that you gave me was pretty damaged. The residues from the sea polluted the sample.
Fitz: But that didn't stop me and was able to discover that the blood didn't belong to the victim!
Fitz: And I'm totally sure saying that the killer's blood type is AB+!

Examine Pile of Leaves

Franco: You find a voice recorder? Nice! And look! There's the victim's name on it.
Franco: Let's give it to Doan right now! This case is almost finished

Analyze Voice Recorder

Doan: Well, there are a lot of information about the victim in that recorder. His whole life was recorded in it!
Doan: So, I extracted all the info to my computer and I discover that the last record was made... during the murder!
Franco: Really?! That's fantastic! What does it say?
Doan: Wait me a second... right here. Listen:
Voice Recorder: 5 8! 5 8! 5 8!
Franco: That's all? And what does "5 8" means?
Doan: That was the big mystery! I was trying to match the numbers with something...
Doan: And I discovered that the victim mentioned the killer's height!
Franco: So... 5 8 means five feets and eight inches!
Doan: Exactly! Your killer's height is 5'8!

Franco: Finally, <Name>! We have all the clues to arrest our killer!
Franco: Let's finish this disaster now and put the killer behind bars.
Franco: Oh! I make I rhyme! Hehe

Arrest Killer

Franco: I didn't expected that the killer was you, Romy! But <Rank> <Name> has his clues to prove your guiltiness
Romy: What?! No, i'm innocent! I couldn't kill Hans! He was a good friend...
Franco: Until he stopped to sell drugs, right? I know that you was lying with that story about the necklace. You sent that dead threat because he didn't sell drugs anymore.
Romy: That bast*rd! He stopped his business and I was in a serious problem! I can't buy drugs. They're so expensive!
Franco: But why? Why you decided to kill him?
Romy: Because he put me in that situation, to get started! He brought some of his bags and he avoided me to... try it out.
Romy: Suddenly, I couldn't stop. I was buying him more and more drugs and he didn't sell me them very expensive. His argument was that I was his friend.
Romy: I was getting more addict to the drugs so much, that I started to fight with another junkies for some bags.
Romy: But, from one day to another, he told me that he didn't sold drugs anymore. That he wants a new career and a new life. Ha! What a b*llshit
Romy: I was infuriated with him a lot! I started to send him dead threats constantly. He was not my friend anymore. He was my enemy.
Romy: And, if this wasn't worse, my addiction was torturing me! Two days after the last drug, my head was asking for more!
Romy: So, I started to... buy drugs. And I started to waste my money enormeusly. When I began to react, I had so many debts with all my friends and I had not a cent.
Romy: I questioned myself: "Who did this?". And there was when I realized that Hans has all the guilty.
Romy: I knew what to do. For all the persons who get addict and waste their money... like me.
Romy: I called him after the work-time, saying that I was going to apologize for what I do, I picked him up on his house and we went to the beach.
Romy: There, I bet him that we couldn't dig a hole in two hours. And he accepted the chalenge.
Romy: When we finished, I grabbed a wodden racket that somebody left in the beach and, waiting the moment that he was right upon me, I hit him with the racket on the back and the neck.
Romy: He felt unconsicious, and I threw him in the hole. I filled the hole with sand and ran away. I thinked that nobody would find the body until 30 years, or more, but...
Franco: But Irina found it, and you are now arrested. You have the option to contract a lawyer.

Judge Milena: I all of my years of judge, I never expected to arbitrate such a case like this.
Judge Milena: Knowing that <Rank> <Name> has found too many proves against you, what you told to detctive Franco and the errors that you commited in the crime scene...
Romy: I'm not a killer, your honor. I only wanted to make justice once for all
Judge Milena: Murder is not a solution! And you didn't have to kill a man that wanted change his life.
Romy: He started! He drove me to the bad road! I had had a normal life until he came!
Judge Milena: Stop! Nothing what you says will help you break free of the judgment!
Judge Milena: Romy Gailer, I sentence you to 35 years in jail with a chance of parole in 13 years. Court adjourned!

Franco: <Name>, we did it! We put another killer behind bars!
Franco: I'm sad about Romy. She was a normal girl until that horrible world named her.
Franco: Anyway, I'm thirsty! What do you think, <Name>? Do you want a soda?

Additional Investigation

Chief Maddavar: <Rank> <Name>, conglaturations! You've solved another case in a perfect way. Keep doing that job and you're going to be a legend!
Chief: Anyway, I have a job for you and Detective Franco. You need to close that garage and confiscate all the drugs, okay?
Chief: Right, then. Now go! Every minute that you waste here can be precious!

Franco: And, <Name>? Why the boss needs you in his office?
Franco: Close the garage, huh? Nice! Finally, we will make justice around here and...
Eve: Officers! Please, I require your help!
Franco: Eve? What's wrong? You don't like your new job as a chef?
Eve: That's not the problem! <Name>, I can't found Irina anywhere!
Eve: (crying) I'm the worst mother in the world! I lost my daughter two times this day!
Franco: Don't worry, Eve. <Rank> <Name> and I will help you finding Irina.
Franco: We have two things to do, <Name>. Where do you deserve to start?

See why Eve needs your help

Franco: Tell us, Eve. Which place was the last where you saw Irina?
Eve: Well, after you interrogated me in Mortem's garage, I recieved a call from Irina, saying that she was on the beach.
Eve: (crying) But, when I went there, she was gone! I couldn't find her anywhere!
Franco: Maybe you not. But <Rank> <Name>, is a pro looking for objects and people! Don't worry, Irina will be with you in two seconds.
Eve: Please, <Name>, find her! She's the only reason for that I'm still living.

Franco: Well, if I didn't get confused with the interview, we should go back to the beach.
Franco: Okay, <Name>, let's move on!

Investigate Beach

Franco: Damn it! I can't find her, and you, <Name>? Have you had better luck?
Franco: No? Agh! It's impossible that Irina is hiding out very well. Her mother is really worried about her.
Franco: What's that you have on your hand, <Name>? A torn paper? Quickly, let's put the pieces back!

Examine Torn Paper

Franco: Good restoration, <Name>! Now, what was written in the paper is clear as water!
Franco: Oh, it's a phone number! Let's see who is the owner.
Franco: It's ringing... Only a few seconds more...
William: Hello, William Richardson, private investigator, at your service. What do you need?
Franco: William? H...Hi, I'm detective Franco and we're looking for a young girl called Irina Brooks. Did you see her?
William: No... but I see her mother trying to find her. I gave her this phone number, but she torn it to shreads!
William: Oh! That's why you called me! You restored the paper.
Franco: Yes. And if it doesn't matter you, we should talk again... about this situation.
William: Okay, I will be in the police station in two minutes!

Ask William abou Irina

Franco: William, cand you tell us why you decided to help Eve Brooks?
William: Well, she was really sad and worried. My honor code told me that I had to help her.
William: So, I approached her and I told her that I'm a private investigator. Then, I gave her the phone number...
William: But, when I turned back, I saw her... drestroying it!
Franco: Don't worry, William. You can help Mrs. Brooks now! If you find her daughter, your job will be prize!
William: Really? Oh, fantastic! Do't worry, <Name>! I will do my best job.

Franco: Yeah, I know that was stupid, but how many options we have? Irina is lost, and every help will be acepted
Franco: Come on. Let's eat a burger and ,later continue with the search.

Investigate Garage

Before Investigatng
Franco: Wow! This place is such a mess! What the hell happened here?
Franco: Right, <Name>. If we want to know who did this, we need to search for more clues!

After Investigating
Franco: Aha! I bet all my money that our theft used this crowbar to enter in the garage!
Franco: And I'm 100% sure that we will find his fingerprints! I'm taking off the carbon powder from the patrol!

Examine Crowbar

Franco: Amazing, <Name>! Now, let's enter the fingerprints on the database to know who did this.

Examine Fingerprints

Franco: Great job, <Name>! The fingerprints matchs perfectly with one of our suspect's list.
Franco: And...Trevor Sachet was the responsable of that mess! I'm dying to arrest him. Come on!

Arrest Trevor Sacher

Franco: Trevor Sacher, you're under arrest for consuming drugs and violation of private property!
Trevor: This is a kind of joke? You can't arrest me! I didn't do anything!
Franco: Speak by yourself! <Rank> <Name> found a crowbar with your fingerprints in Hans garage.
Franco: You have entered to steal all the drugs and, in your flee out, you left it in the garage! ut your hands where I can see it!

A few moments later

Franco: <Rank> <Name>! We are in trouble! If we can't find Irina, Eve will kill us!
William: Detective Franco! I find you. I have great news about the searching of the little girl!
Franco: Really? That's amazing! What do you have?
William: Well, I interrogated all the persons in the beach and I showed them a picture of her...
William: And a lifeguard told me that he saw her in the lifeguard's shack, very scared.
Franco: William, you're a genius! Come on, <Name>! Let's go back to the beach.

Investigate Beach Hole

Franco: Irina, there you are! We were looking for you for hours!
Irina: What do yo want?! I don't want to be with you! Where is my mum? You caught her?!
Franco: No, Irina! Your mother is innocent! For all that she do! She's free!
Irina: Re...really? She's free? You're talking serious?
Franco: Yes, it's true. We're not lying you this time... She's worried about you and, when she didn't find you, she called us to find you.
Irina: Mum is worried...for me? I... I didn't want to make her sad.
Irina: (crying) I'm a bad daughter! I... I... I worried her for nothing!
Franco: That's not true! You was scared and your mother didn't find you. Let's go, honey. She is waiting in the station.

Talk with Eve about her daughter

Eve: And, <Name>? Did you find her? Did you find my beauty Irina?
Franco: I don't know, Eve. Why you don't ask her?
Irina: (crying) Mummy! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
Eve: No, swettie, it's my fault. I'm a terrible mother. Come on. Let's go back to home.
Eve: Thank you, Franco. Thank you <Name>. Thanks for all that you do for me.
Eve: Here, take this clothes of one of my old jobs. I didn't need it anymore

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