Cedric Stewart is a suspect in the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Yolanda Stokes in The Girl on Fire (Case #5 of Criminal Case: Denton City)


Cedric is a 18-year-old high schooler with reddish brown hair and green eyes. He wears a light blue shirt which is covered by a gray jacket and white sleeve. It is known that Cedric has an Irish Wolfhound and is right handed

Age 18
Weight 151 lbs
Eyes green
Blood A+

Events of Criminal Case

The Girl on Fire

Cedric became a suspect after the team found him crying in the burning hall. He was aked whether he knew the victim and he replied that the victim was his girlfriend. When he was questioned whether the victim had an enemy or not, he denied saying that she was friendly and cheerful.

Cedric was spoken to again after the team found the half photo that show the victim and him broke up. He told the team that the victim was too possesive. He also said that the victim prohibited him talking to any girl, because she was scared of him cheating her. He then later confronted her and decided to end their relationship

Despite that, Cedric was found to be innocent after the team found enough evidence and arrested Morgan Springley for the murder.

Case appearance

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