Cecilia Ruiz
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Biographical information
Full name Cecilia Ruiz
Gender Female
Status Incarcerated
Birth 1991
Nationality Spain Spanish
Residence Valencia, Spain
Profession(s) Animal Rights Activist


Affiliation(s) The Euphorians
Game information
First appeared Sun's Embodiments - Case #1

Cecilia Ruiz was the killer of Adelmo Rivera in Sun's Embodiments (Case #1 of Across The World). She also appeared as a quasi suspect in Afterkill (Case #5 of Across The World).


Cecilia is a young activist for animal rights. She has long blond hair with a black ribbon in her hair. She wears a brown leather vest with 2 pockets and silver buttons. She has multiple badges on her vest with different words and images. Under that, she wears a green shirt with brown buttons. She also has green eyes.

In her first appearance, she had a burn mark on her neck.

Case Appearances

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