'Cecilia Delgadillo' is a supporting character in Police International Edition. She was a suspect in the murders of

Cecilia Delgadillo
Full name Cecilia Delgadillo
Gender Novigender
Status Alive
Birth 16/04/1977
Nationality New Zealander-Russian-Brazilian
Residence Irutsk, Russia
Profession Lawyer
Affiliation(s) Russian Lawyers' Association


Appearance(s) Police International Edition

Alyona Parsley in Freeze! (Case #3 of PIE), Yeto in Dragon in Peace (Case #5 of PIE) and Darya Savchenko in Out-trick the Eagle (Case #8 of PIE).


Cecilia is the 41-year-old Lawyer. They have dark brown hair and green eyes. They wear a white shirt under a navy blazer, black trousers and brown leather shoes. 

In Freeze!, they also wear glitter and drinks mulled wine.

In Dragon in Peace, they were revealed to drink Chaang and know Tibetan Astrology.

Age 41
Height 5'5"
Weight 145lbs
Eyes Green
Blood AB-
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