Cecile Benoit is one of the main characters appearing in Criminal Case's seventh season. She serves as the profiler for the Acropolis Justice Defence Force.


Cecile is the lively 42-year-old profiler of the AJDF. She has dark skin, with long black hair and hazel eyes. She is seen sporting red lipstick and black eye shadow and adorned with ruby earrings with a matching necklace. Cecile's attire consists of a maroon shoulder-padded blazer over a black shirt with silver circular designs. She wears a golden fleur-de-lis brooch on her left lapel and a golden wedding ring on her left finger.

Cecile is known to be a bubbly woman who is not afraid to express herself to anyone. Cecile has lived a complicated romantic life, being twice divorced and married to a third 'beau'. Although she is comfortable around people, sometimes she is not aware of other people's feelings towards her.

Height 5'3"
Age 42
Weight 125lbs
Eyes Hazel
Blood B+

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