Cayley Sparks
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"Huh. You are the first adult to prove me wrong.. for once." - Cayley, after arresting Pamela Vefreza
Full name Cayley Adam Sparks
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1998
Nationality Canada Canadian
Residence Quebec, Canada (formerly)

Parthia, Canada

Family Unnamed mother

Unnamed father

Profession Junior Officer
Affiliation(s) Parthia Police Force
Appearance(s) Case #1: Words of Wisdom (s1)

Cayley Sparks

Cayley Sparks is a main character featured in Season 1 of Criminal Case. Appearing as a Junior Officer of the Parthia Police Department, she serves as one of two players of this season.


Cayley is a 19-year-old Junior Officer from Quebec, Canada. She has bright red hair, black rimmed glasses and a police cap. She wears a scarf over a white shirt under a pinstripe sleeveless jacket. It is known that she wears lipstick and has two tattoos on her shoulders, along with an armband on her left arms.

Events of Criminal Case

Words of Wisdom

Being a rebellious teen, Sparks argued with Chief Felicia Melody about hanging out with the player, but was forced to show The Player around.

Cayley introduced The Player to St. Bixby's, a church in Grove Harbour. After informing the Player of the history of her visits here, The Player finds the body of anarchist Logan Fremont. Cayley assisted the Player and eventually incarcerated Pamela Vefreza for the murder of Fremont.

Case Appearances

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