Act 1 is a collection of seasons spanning from Starlight Shores to the sixth and final season of the act. Below are each of the seasons and their summaries:

Starlight Shores - The first season, set in a glamorous coastal city, containing a total of fifty-four cases. The season focuses on the player's entrance into the world of law enforcement while combating a series of different threats, before an ultimately more dangerous one threatens to destroy the city to rise a new one from its ashes. (COMPLETE)

Rusthollow - The second season, set in a western cowboy-esque mining town, containing a total of sixty cases. This season focuses on the player battling a handful of threats, from illegal diamond smuggling to a a murderous highwayman, before an organization known only as COBRA plots to overthrow the modern world and enforce their iron rule. (COMPLETE)

Explore the World - Based on the "world tour" premise, this season contains seventy-five cases. The season focuses on the player and the GPA, an elite team of law enforcers, as they travel across the world to stop a dangerous society and its leader, whose been pulling the strings from the shadows. As it progresses, it soon becomes apparent the society plan to destroy the world... to unite what remains afterwards. (COMPLETE)

A World Forgotten - Following one of their own's sacrifice, A World Forgotten focuses on the stories of their ancestor, in the gothic city of Ravenedge. Containing seventy-two cases, the season, so far, focuses on tensions between the government and the people, following the suicide of a young girl. (ONGOING)

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