Cat napped is the first case in Criminal Case: YouTube Mystery. This case is a missing pet case.


  • Cloud: He went missing sometime at night.


  • Chief Jen
  • PopularMMO "Pat"
  • Weedlion
  • Stampy


1. Weed lion's Office. 2. Restaurant parking lot. 3. Street. 4. Crash site. 5. Vet's office.

The real truth

After Stampy and Weed lion decided to go to the bar last night, Weed lion ended up drinking too much Cider. Stampy decided to drive him home since he's too over hooked. That's when they heard a loud sound coming from behind them. It turns out Cloud was behind the patrol car before he got hit. They amputated to cover the wounds, but it was bleeding hard. They had to rush him to the vet for surgery. Weedlion didn't want to tell his boss about it, since he could get kicked off his police career if he accidently killed Cloud.


  • This is the first case Weedlion was a suspect.
  • Stampy will return in later cases.
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