Player: Thanks guys, I-I'm finally heading back. Hope to see ya again in the future. *jumps through the portal*

Several hours later...

Player: *wakes up from coma* ugh, what happened?

FaceBook friend: OMG, your alright. I was worried that you won't wake up.

Player: How long was I asleep.

FFF: Well, the doctor said that you been out of it for a few seasons. Also, you got a new postion at a certain city. I believe it was YouTubetopita or something.

Player: Alright, time to get going.

Chapter 1

  • Player: Woah! So this is YouTubetopita. A city full of YouTubers.
  • Player: *walks around a bit* Now to just find where the police station is.
  • [A few hours later]
  • Player: Finally, found the station. Hello? anyone here?
  • (Seems like it's empty, wait is this a note?) *Obtained note*
  • Guess it told me to head to head to the files office.

[In the file office]

???: oh hello, didn't see you there.

???: Oh, the name's GamingWithJen. You can just call me Jen for short.

Jen: Sorry for not showing up at the front desk, something just came up.

Jen: unfortunately, we don't have very many cases going on. It's pretty peaceful mostly.

Jen: Until then, maybe you can check for trouble around the town.

Player: you bet ya. *walks out*

[A few hours later]

Player: huh, she's right. It's pretty peacefull.

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