Cassie Pearson
Full name Cassidy Niamh Pearson
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 12/06/1987
Nationality Welsh
Residence Cardiif, Wales
Family Kailey Pearson (Mother)

Nicole Pearson (Sister) Jamie Pearson (Brother)

Profession Elite Force Agent
Affiliation(s) International Police Department

"Just give us the results, Marco, we've got a criminal to catch!"

Cassidy "Cassie" Pearson is the Elite Force Agent of the International Police Department.


Hailing from Cardiff, Wales, Cassie is the 29-year-old agent who picked the player up after finishing their latest series. She has shoulder-length ginger hair and hazel eyes. She wears a blue t-shirt under a purple jacket and yellow leggings. She is known to be a mean, intelligent and determined. Her favourite animal is a hamster and her favourite food is Cawl (A welsh dish).

Age 29
Height 5'3"
Weight 140lbs
Eyes Hazel
Blood AB+


From the age of 3, Cassie was always been bullied all the way through school, no matter how many friends she had. Her mother never believed she didn't like being called names and her acquaintances stole her equipment and claimed for "it to be a joke". Not only that, until she finished Primary School, a boy tried to trip her over all the time, in Year 1, a boy tripped her over and her lunch fell on the floor.

In her last drama lesson of Year 8, she was physically assaulted and later stormed off due to a Portuguese boy in her class. Her sister would always stand up for her when she needed it. Her brother was a police officer in VOGPD but was paralysed and lost his job due to a gunshot to the spine.

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