Cases, or Episodes, are the mission structure of Criminal Case (AlexClayton).


In Criminal Case, every time a murder occurs, a murder case must be filed in the police force  database.

A case, or an episode, always begins with a short cut-scene. Usually in this cut-scene, the player is informed by the chief of police about a new murder, then the player and their partner head off to investigate the crime scene so as to find clues, which eventually lead the team to search other crime scenes, find more clues, interview suspects, and carefully analyze evidence to finally incriminate the killer behind the murder. In some instances, the player and their partner take an initiative to commence investigation after witnessing a murder, an action being a suspected murder, just to name a few.

Criminal Case (AlexClayton) features cases in Pacificburgh.

Cases in Pacificburgh (Season 1)

Financial Center

Industrial Area

Historical Center

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