Dr. Carla Hagan was a suspect in the murders of businesswoman Claudine Lewis in Death in First Class (Case#1 of Hidden Missions), BioSafe lab technician Sarah Alvarez in Prescription: Murder (Case #4 of Hidden Missions) and social media influencer Veronica Lieu in Gone Viral (Case #6 of HIdden Missions). Dr. Hagan also made a quasi-suspect appearance in Amber Alert (Case #2 of Hidden Missions).


Dr. Hagan is the 52 year-old head scientist of BioSafe, she has short greying black hair and brown eyes, as well as notable aging wrinkles. Dr. Hagan is seen wearing a red turtleneck under a white lab coat, which carries a blue and red pen in her left breast pocket. Additionally, she is seen holding her black eyeglasses. In her initial suspect appearance, it is determined that Dr. Hagan is epileptic and uses hand cream.

In her second suspect appearance, Dr. Hagan was known to have studied advanced chemistry and chews narcotic gum.

In her third appearance as a suspect, Dr. Hagan wears a black scarf under her lab coat, it was also noted that Dr. Hagan eats dragonfruit, uses Wix rubbing ointment and studied calculus.

Height 5'9"
Age 52
Weight 157lbs
Eyes brown
Blood B+

Events in Hidden Missions

Death in First Class

Dr. Hagan was listed as a suspect when she was seen talking with Claudine. Dr. Hagan explained that Claudine was interested in microbiology and had a small talk with her about her recent work.

However, after police technician Reed Rothman analyzed a newspaper clipping the player found, it was discovered that Claudine was the one behind a sabotage operation in the laboratory Dr. Hagan was working in, as part of an anti-vaccine protest. When confronted with this information, Dr. Hagan admitted that she knew that Claudine messed up her work and almost had her fired. The scientist also mentioned that Claudine approached her to argue about vaccinations, but after she had educated Claudine about her work, the latter left her in disinterest.

After finding Dr. Hagan innocent of Claudine's murder, she contacted the Acropolis Special Intelligence through agent Debbie Sommers to help her find her missing tablet. Eventually, the player, accompanied by junior agent Kate Wong, found the tablet and had it analyzed by Reed for safe measures. Reed confirmed that the tablet belonged to her, coroner Dr. Graham Woodley also read through Dr. Hagan's work and was gleefully fascinated by her work on permanent virus immunization, which promises humans to be immune to all viruses. The player, Agent Wong and the star-struck Dr. Woodley returned the tablet to Dr. Hagan.

Amber Alert

Dr. Woodley was planning to go on an "unofficial date" with Dr. Hagan, only to find out that she left early and left behind a file in the Midwestern Bar. The curious Dr. Woodley analyzed her file, it was revealed that Dr. Hagan was researching the deadly Valencian virus, specifically how it functions and its strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Woodley also discovered that Dr. Hagan was planning to give someone the file in Restaurant Dempsey. The scientist was then confronted with the file by the player and Dr. Woodley, Dr. Hagan claimed it was classified information, she was meeting a colleague in the restaurant as they were researching the virus to develop a vaccine.

Prescription: Murder

Dr. Hagan appeared as a suspect again, this time in the murder of her subordinate, BioSafe lab technician Sarah Alvarez. Upon hearing of Sarah's tragic death, Dr. Hagan considered Sarah as her "right-hand woman" and respected her for her expertise in viral mutations. However, Dr. Hagan dismissed the idea that Sarah's death was murder, claiming that the car crash was the cause of death.

The player and Agent Wong speak to Dr. Hagan again when they found out she stole Sarah's book about virus mutagens. But Dr. Hagan denied the accusation, claiming that Sarah let her borrow her books without her permission.

Dr. Hagan was found innocent again when Sarah's lab partner Nora Schmidt was arrested for the murder. After the case was closed, Agent Wong and the player interrogated Nora if she knew about Dr. Hagan's ongoing research on the Valencian virus. Nora claimed that she only heard Sarah constantly talk about it and led the two agents to search in Sarah's apartment for a possible lead. The player and Agent Wong find vials that contain the Valencian virus and several different virus samples in the apartment. According to Candy, the other virus samples could make the Valencian virus more lethal when combined together. BioSafe safety manager Lucien Dupree was spoken to when the two agents find his fingerprints on the vials, Lucien explained that he was helping Sarah expose Dr. Hagan's scheme in enhancing the Valencian virus.

It was found out that Dr. Hagan was working with biotechnology mogul Darius Frost in her Valencian virus research. Agent Cruz and the player spoke with Darius, who confirmed that he regularly met with Dr. Hagan in Restaurant Dempsey to retrieve virus samples. However, when the two agents mentioned that the virus samples are being smuggled, Darius stated that he was only cooperating in researching, not the sample delivery.

In the end of the case, the A.S.I. had come up with the conclusion that Dr. Hagan has other plans with the Valencian virus besides making a vaccine.

Gone Viral


Case Appearance


  • Dr. Hagan's name is a reference to late American astronomer Carl Sagan.
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