Dr. Candace "Candy" Orson is a main character appearing in Season 10 of Criminal Case. She is the lab chief of the Acropolis Special Intelligence.


Candy is the thirty-year old laboratory chief of the A.S.I. She has a tanned complexion, short brown hair with matching brown eyes. She is seen wearing an orange blouse with flowery patterns under a white lab coat. Candy is adorned with silver candy-shaped earrings and a candy necklace.

Although her nickname is Candy, she is known to be a health enthusiast – she always participated in the annual Midtown Marathon, drink health shakes and even do yoga in her own laboratory. Upon initially encountering Candy, it was known that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend.

Events in Hidden Missions



Case #1 - Death in First Class

  • Dirty Napkin (06:00:00)
  • Gold Paint Chips (09:00:00)


  • Candy's physical appearance bears resemblance to actress Halle Berry.

Case Appearances


Candy is an available partner for the player in any murder investigations, she is a four-hint partner and is in third place by default in score ranking.

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